Arctic Cooling MX-2 VS. Arctic Silver 5

Pick For Me A Thermal Cooling Compund Of These 2 That You Think Is Cooler And Whatnot, If You Can Post Why You Chose This Compound.

Arctic Cooling MX-2


Arctic Silver 5
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  1. Both are great, but if you are using a HDT heatsink, or rather a heat sink with a copper base/heatpipe, use Arctic Silver. I believe that the MX-2 is silicon based, so it'll oxidize the copper faster, which you do not want.

    Some people also have claimed Arctic Silver lasts very long while the MX-2 doesn't. So if you're a lazy guy, never changing paste for 1+ years, I'd go with AS5. If you change paste regularly, perhaps every 6months, the MX-2 would be a better choice.
  2. I'm using an Thermalright Ultra 120-Extreme and i won't be lapping it.
  3. +1 for the AS5.but i heard the upcoming Zalman thermal paste is preety good as well.check it up.
  4. Coolio_alert said:
    I'm using an Thermalright Ultra 120-Extreme and i won't be lapping it.

    Better to lap it, its base is like a sphere
  5. Of the choices you listed - MX-2. MX-2 is not silicon based - it's aluminum oxide. It's also non conductive and no curing time required. Most reviews say its easier to apply. The MFGR says one application will last up to 8 years.

    There may be better choices out there. Here are two large reviews of some of the choices out there:
    HardwareLogic TIM review BenchmarkReviews TIM comparison
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