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I'm looking for a SSD drive that can replace my aging C: 10,000 RPM WD Raptor and easily outperform it.
Most SSD drives should do this with fast read/write/near zero access times.
However, I'm reading about many problems with slow writes, bad multi-tasking, driver problems etc that make very long pauses.
Are these driver problems mostly fixed now and most current generation SSD drive works well now?
Or the problem is the SS drives and they arn't ready for any serious work yet?
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  1. All current MLC SSDs have these problems except the Intel X25-M. However, any current SLC SSDs should be fine.

    Of course, this gets rid of any of the cheaper SSDs.
  2. ^+1. Yeah, Imo, I would wait till end of the year to start seriously consider SSDs. Right now I just use a 8GB SSD to hold my pagefile on my video editing rig.

    Beware newegg dont offer cash refunds on ssd drives.
  4. Thanks for the posts.
    It seems SSDs arn't ready for the casual user yet.
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