Potential Bottleneck with new GPU?

Hi Guys,

My question regards potential bottlenecking. I'm looking to buy a high end 8800 GPU or one of the new 9xxx (whenever they turn up) but wondering if my current system will hold it back at all:

Athlon 4400 X2
2GB Ram
PSU 650W Hiper Type R
Mobo: Asus A8R MVP
HDD 2 x 250GB 72,000 Seagates
Creative Audigy 4
Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit

Hoping that it will be OK - I do intend in the nearish future to upgrade other components (eventually an entirely new system) but GPU is my priority.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Thanks for the response,
    Yes, a gamer.

    Looking to play Crysis at reasonable quality/framerate - would that bring out any bottlenecking?

    Will my soundcard cause any problems/bottlenecking?

  2. Definitely will be SOME bottleneck but meh...
  3. Your system looks fine. If you want a few more frames, go ahead and OC your 4400 a bit, but Crysis is generally more GPU heavy.
  4. There are very few games that are more Dependant upon the CPU. Pentium D's can still handle any game with little bottlenecking (scratch, Supreme commander)when combined with a high end card.
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