E2160 not going past 2GHz

I have an Asrock 945g-dvi motherboard (which I know isn't exactly an overclocker's board) and I'm failing to boot or post with an fsb of anything more than about 230 on my e2160. The board has an untied pci-e option but no voltage adjustments.

Rest of my setup is 4gb Kingston Value ram, x1950pro and Vista Premium.
I was just about to get a new 8800gts but the recent GPU vs CPU article makes me think that the 2160 at barely 2ghz is gonna be holding it back...

I would've thought that I could get at least 2.4 out of it even taking into account the crappy motherboard. Might something else be holding it back? I seem to remember reading that a PCI wireless card could hold things back? Might that be the problem?
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  1. the board has no voltage adjustments?? you mean that you cant raise the core voltage? you know before toms hardware changed there look they did an article on the e2160 and the e6750. i would try and find that articl it might tell you more info.
  2. I think your only option will be a pin mod to force the FSB to the next level


    Ok I see that the url is being censored for some reason. so add "*** instead of the *** with out the spaces

  3. Cheers I'll look into that.
  4. Make sure you're not overclocking the RAM. You'll have to see if there is an option in the BIOS to divide the ram so you're not running it over its rated FSB speed. It sounds like thats whats going on right now.
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