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With my current build, i found it almost impossible to get OCZ Platinum rev.2 DDR2 800 MHZ to run 1:1 ratio when i overclocked my e8400 to 4.05 GHz, and be able to pass the Orthos Ram Stress Test.

As i have a Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R i cannot unlink the RAM and the CPU, so i am left with the option of 2.00 2.40 3.00 4.00. As the strapping options.

Therefore i decided to scrap that RAM and sold it on ebay!

I purchased a new set of Corsair XMS3 1333Mhz RAM.

Which has an effective FSB of 1333/3 = 445 Mhz, Perfect for my e8400 @ 4 GHz.

My question:

Is it difficult to run stable ram at 1:1 ration with the CPU, or does it always have to be some other option?


--Alex :bounce:
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  1. must be something wrong. my ocz gold 4 gb ram easily matches my cpu fsb at 3.9 ghz.
  2. 1:1 ratio should be the most stable of 'em all....
    there has to be something you're missing..
  3. Really! it was quiet crazy, those pieces of shiz ram were useless, or unless it was the P35 chipset not picking up the correct timings, as i had to set all the sub-timings myself in order for the ram to last 1 second in orthos.

    So i was just wondering there is no trick to get a stable 1:1 ratio?
  4. If I understand your question, you want to know why the 800 MHz RAM would not run 1:1, when your FSB was OC'd to 450 MHz (ie., 4.05 GHz/9 multiplier).

    You were trying to run it at 900 MHz--which is not easy for just any RAM kit to do. It may be as simple of an answer as the OCZ simply won't OC to 900 MHz with ANY timings, voltage, etc. That's the catch with locked multiplier chips: for OCing you have to raise the FSB to a point where the RAM can't keep up.

    Anyone have any experience with that OCZ RAM? I have the identical RAM (running at 1:1 400 FSB), and hope to upgrade shortly to an e8400 processor. I had assumed I would need to upgrade to 1000 or 1066 MHz RAM so that it could keep up with a 9 x 450=4.05 overclock.
  5. yup! that exactly what happened, despite the face that at a ratio of 2.40 i was able to push the ram to 900 MHz Im pretty sure, althought dont quote me on that :)

    So i ditched that Ram, and now gone for Corsair XMS3 1333Mhz, which at a 1:1 ratio is 445 Mhz which is great, a 5Mhz overclock would hopefully mean a stable running e8400 @ 4.05GHz :)


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