my 8800gt overclock please help

hi all, ive just bought a new pc and i decided to oc my gpu (gainward geforce 8800GT 512mb)
so anyway i have overclocked it to:

core clock: 676mhz
memory clock: 1000mhz
shader clock: 1674mhz

so anyway my fan is on setting 50% and on desktop i have average of 50c

but is this a good overclock?

also what would i call this oc because i see people over internet saying like ive reaches 690/1950 on my card... what would mine be?


help would be great xD
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  1. I have an EVGA 8800GT. Here are my overclocking specs:

    core clock: 700mhz
    memory clock: 950mhz
    shader clock: 1750mhz

    I can go higher, but this is rock stable for me at all times. I used rivatuner 2.06 to kick the fan up to 60%.

    Yes, yours would be 676/etc...
  2. To answer the OP's question it would be read 676/2000 in that context from what you are seeing on the web.

    It is a pretty good overclock with stock cooling. It is possible you could go higher on the core, if not you could try reducing the memory clock slightly and see if the core will go a little further as it would be a good tradeoff for FPS.

    If you had aftermarket cooling it is likely you could get 700/2000 or close to it with a higher shader clock. Tinker with it some more and see what you come up with. I have heard of people pushing the shader clock much further but it limiting what they got off the memory. Have to find a good balance for your particular card. It might consume a bit of time finding that sweet spot but you will be satisfied that you have the most out of your card you can get.
  3. thank you but i know this overclock wasnt my limit and i was tinking of getting diff cooler like duo orb but 1 question.. where did u get the 200 from, how was it calculated
  4. With overclocing programs the memory clock is halfed so when it shows 1000 it is actually 2000
  5. okay u helped me m8 xD alot
  6. My eVGA SC stock is 650/1625/1900
    I run it at 694/1728/1998 (clocks linked)

    What ever is most stable and you feel comfortable with
    No 2 cards o'c the same
  7. whats does clocks linked do?... i dont understand what does the shader clock link to?
  8. In RivaTuner in the o'cing tab there is a link clocks box. If you check it the o'cs will be done porportionally
  9. so if i link clocks when i change the core the shader and memory will go up with it?
  10. warlord12345 said:
    so if i link clocks when i change the core the shader and memory will go up with it?

    Only the GPU and Shader are linked, memory is seperate. I recommend this cooler.>>>>>>

    By systemlord at 2007-12-29

    By systemlord at 2007-12-29
  11. yeah, i downloaded the newest driver for my 8800 series, and its all in the driver! i cannot change my shader clock with it, and i dont see its speed anywhere listed either. oh, by the way, my card is evga 512mb ar board, and i have it sittin at 700/2100 and its the base card. these things rock! too bad i am gettin crossfire later on and sendin this sweet baby to my buddy in dc area. i also tweaked the fan on the control panel and set it at 85-90 so it dont run too hot. plays cod4 like nothing else!
  12. ...forgot temps...its sitting at 46 idle and hits about 53-56 loaded. its sweet!!!
  13. yeh but with that cooler systemlord advised to buy dont you need to add a fan onto it? where would u do that?
  14. i was thinking of getting the thermaltake duorb depending on how loud it is
  15. The HR03 GT doesn't come with a fan. It has fan clips for a 92mm fan. I used wireties to slap a 120mm Artic Cool on there (standard low RPM fan), fan is ALWAYS on low and I have never gone above 53C in any tests or high end games. The HR03 comes with memory and mosfet heatsinks. It's huge and heavy, but fits fine in any regular case. Installing the small heatsinks works great with the supplied thermal tape, as long as you use something better than alcohol to clean them. I used Artic Clean. Many don't clean right and the heatsinks fall off. I used MX-2 thermal paste for the main GPU heatsink.

    The dualorb is also a nice HS, not as good as the HR03. And I think it's a bit short in the amount of heatsinks supplied, if any. It's not as quiet, but is popular.
  16. warlord12345 said:
    yeh but with that cooler systemlord advised to buy dont you need to add a fan onto it? where would u do that?

    It comes with the gear needed to put a 92mm fan onto the cooler, be advised that this big cooler requires some skill to put on. You might be better off using adhesive for the RAM sinks. This cooler is the best air cooler around. Yes you need to buy a fan for it, Thermaltake thought that people would get their own fans to use.
  17. so can i get like a blue led fan for it xD make it look pwnanie?
    urm the duorb comes with 13 memory heatsinks

    the Gt i believe has 8 memory thingies, so the other 5 can fit on the other chip thingies xD but i dotn knwo if they are a bit to big =S
  18. okay say i got the thermaltake duorb would i just need to buy that cooler and fit the ram heatsinks and the cooler? or would i need to buy other heatsinks.. if so which other heatsinks do i need?
  19. warlord12345 said:
    okay say i got the thermaltake duorb would i just need to buy that cooler and fit the ram heatsinks and the cooler? or would i need to buy other heatsinks.. if so which other heatsinks do i need?

    The DuOrb isn't that good of a GPU cooler. Either one you get comes with everything you need including the Ram heatsinks. If you get the Thermaltake HR-03 it comes with everything you need except for the 92mm fan.
  20. but i havnt got lots to spend, about £25 is my limit and i found a place selling thermaltake duorb for £22 if i bought hr-03 and fan it would be around £35-£40
  21. also the size of the hr03 is quite big then to add a fan ontop it will make the gfx cover 3 slots i would have thought and also it will be very heavy
  22. This is what I did with my 8800GT:
    comes with the 8 ramsinks, you need a set of something like these for the mosfets:
    40c idle
    57c load

    here's what it looks like


  23. I went with an Accelero S1 on my BFG 8800GT OC. Works great - I haven't bothered to mount a 120MM fan to it yet, as it sees some air flow over it from a 120MM fan mount on the side panel of my case. I haven't gone for more than the stock OC, but as it stands it idles about 40C and maxes out about 55C.

    It comes with RAM sinks, and a heat sink for ATI cards. I cut up the ATI heat sink and used it on the VRM/MOSFETs.

    Oh! And because I would hate to encourage an erroneous purchase:
    Please take the time to make sure this item will fit into your case, because it is HUGE. It overhangs the edge of the card by a good amount. But if you have the room it is very effective!
  24. Sorry guys but ive decided on the thermaltake duorb overclock temps idle between 38-44 and load 50-65 depending on the overclock. Also it will not require me to buy an extra fan to mount ontop.

    from what i can see it comes with 13ram heatsinks and i think they can be used for the mosfets and also it comes with vrm heatsinks

    sorry if this makes no sense xD im not to great in this area
  25. lol ty for link, the thing i am stuck on though is where do i put all of the heatsinks? because i am guessing the instrctions with the cooler isnt going to specifically tell me where to put them on a 8800GT, i understand where to put the vram heatsinks but its the other heatsinks i dont know where to put
  26. oh wait i see ur picture can move along kpo6969, xD well i know what im doing aslong as the cooler comes with those skinny heatsinks =S, anyone know if it does. i dont really want to have to buy more stuff
  27. I have the HR03-GT (With ziptied 1200mm fan) on my 8800GT and flashed the BIOS to 725/2000/1813. Ive never seen the temps hit 60 and it usually hovers around 55 at full load. I needed my stock cooler at 100% to hit 700/2000 (dont remember what my shader clock was at with the core at 700) and it is crazy loud at 100%.
  28. i still have stock cooling and am at 700 core 2100 mem, i dont know what shader clock is, and its at maybe 58c with 90% fan speed while playing cod4. i cant wait until waterblocks for these babies hit the market...too bad im giving this thing to my buddy...
  29. u have stock cooler and ur mem is @ 2100 u cant monitor temps on memory and that stock heatsink in my opinion is 2 small for core and memory and other parts, i think ur memory will be really high temps imo but if ur fan speed is that high it might be okay
  30. but does anyone here know where to fit heatsinks on a 8800gt and also if vram heatsinks will cover the otherparts needing to be covered xD
  31. anyone?
  32. compare these and you will see:

    bare card (notice factory heat-tape)

    heatsinks and mosfet heatsinks applied

    mosfets you need to purchase seperately:
    8 ramsinks come with cooler
  33. okay thank you xD i completly forgot about ur previous post, urm do you know if those mosfet heatskinks come with the thermaltake duorb?
  34. or would vram heatsinks fit?
  35. i prolly should replace the stock cooler or something pushing it that hard, but i scanned for artifacts for over an hour with ati tool and it never had i guess im ok? anyways, anyone found a waterblock for these yet? i still dont see one that is less than 100 some dollars for ram coverage too..if any at all

    found picture to help me, on tht picture there is a 8800gt with duorb heatsinks and thermalpase on the core

    ty for the help guys
  37. u 've said it "no 2 cards the same" :hello:
  38. Quote:
    Has anyone found an overclocking tool for nvidia that works with Vista64? Ive tried ATI tool, rivatuner, coolbits, none of them work.

    well u can try the N tune ,yes its pretty noobie but it works. :pt1cable:
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