Need some OC help!!

I'm pretty new to the OC game right now and I really need some help. I've spent time searching google but that's really not helping me out here. I'm trying to over clock the following:

AMD Athlon X2 3800+ Windsor
MSI K9N Platinum
PQI DDR2 533 4 Gig
Thermaltake Mini Typhoon CPU Cooler

I basicly need some help pushing the cpu to a stable rate... I've pushed it to 2.5 but my HT is at x1... so i really need some help here.
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  1. I do not know much about OC'ing AMD CPU's, but I do know that they do not have the OC headroom that Intel CPU's have. That may be as far as you can push it.
  2. I haven't tried OCing AMD cpus yet but try increasing frequency and voltage a little each time. If you have to, lower timings and/or frequency of the ram. And also increase your ram voltage. Lastly, increase NB voltages if you want a really high OC. Not sure if all this applies to you since i've only worked with Intel cpus and chipsets.

    P.S. - Watch your temps. dont' let them go too high.
  3. Thanks Zorg, Those have helped out. I'm going to try and see how far i can go with being stable. I'm still confused on what I should clock my memory at. I see that ppl are underclocking the memory.
  4. So i have it pushed to 2.6, But I'm not really sure about the speeds...
    multi x10
    Bus speed 259.9mhz
    HT Link 259.9

    Settings used
    FSB: 260
    Voltage 1.4
    HT x1

    Memory underclocked to 400mhz
    Voltage 2.2
  5. I wish I could help, but I really have no experience with AMD. Maybe some of the AMD diehards will post.
  6. Well... seems to run the best at 2.4ghz with ram clocked at stock speeds. I jump about 400 points on 3dmark when i go from 2.6 to 2.4 so i do believe i'm going to stick with the 2.4. Thanks again zorg... i can't remember which article it was, but they talked about the "sweet spot" for the amd's and it seems to be true.
  7. You can try lowering lower the multiplier on the HT link, usually that is the wall you run into, it won't normally stand a very large overclock on most motherboards. Stock should 5, try 4 and go from there.
    That's about a normal overclock for that CPU. It's pretty hard to go much further without upping the voltage and some darn good cooling.
    Everyone is right, AMD cpu's are binned high to start with, and simply don't have the overhead for big overclocks like some of the Intel CPU's.
  8. I have 2.55 on my 4200 so i have a little experience....what temps are you getting?
  9. When I was running at 2.6 idle was 33 and load was 39. The pc seemed to loose performance at that range. Like I said it dropped about 400 points on 3dmark at 2.6 which I thought was kinda weird.
    Settings for 2.6
    HT Link = x1
    FSB = 260
    CPU Volts = 1.4
    Ram = 533
    Volts = 2.2
    Idle Temp = 33
    Load Temp = 39

  10. Grrr... I hit the enter
    Settings for 2.4
    HT link = x3
    FSB = 240
    CPU vots = 1.35
    Ram = 533
    Volts = 2.2
    Idle temp = 30-31
    Load = 34-35
    I'm confused on why at 2.4 I actually gained more fps on 3dmark compaired to the 2.6. Is it bad to have the HT link at x1?

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