Seeking help choosing UPGRADE MOBO...from 939 for my friend

Greetings Tom's Hardware community! I am an old member, but it seems they disabled my account. I just setup my account. Anways;

My friend is seeking my advice for his new computer upgrade. I am seeking advice from Tom's community so that I do not give bad information to my friend.

He is currently using:

Asus Socket 939 Motherboard
2.0 GHz Athlon 939 64 (single core, probably the 3000+ or 2800+)
1 GB DDR 400
X800 Pro (pci-e)

He basically just wants an upgrade...he has about $300 to spend....and the following requirements must be achieved:

1) SATA Recognition. He wants a mobo that has a nice SATA controller....he only needs a few ports, but he would prefer if WINXP32bit SP2 would automatically identify the sata controller instead of having to do F6 floppy sata controller drivers. I would really like to see only mobo recommendations that do not require F6.

2) Needs to be generally more powerful. He will probably go to socket 775, 2GB DDR2 800. Since he is going socket 775 (core 2 duo) overclocking is crucial. He will most likely be getting a low price-point Core2Duo and overclocking. [Everyone I know Overclocks. My 2.4 runs at friends 1.8 runs at 2.8....etc]

I guess that's it....I'll edit or repost if I think of anything else. He could always use a better graphics card, but I really think that he should upgrade Motherboard and processor more...

Do you have any advice for us? I greatly appreciate any effort given to this matter.

Oh, can you please leave Motherboard Model Names or URL links from newegg or a better source if you find them?


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  1. bump...........please and thank you....Forgive me if bumps aren't usually allowed
  2. So far I have pieced together the exact same build as I built for a different friend about a month ago. So far, it looks great. I am mainly interested in if I could save any money by changing any of the parts.

    From as of today:

    ASUS P5K Lga 775 P35 ATX - $126

    2x1GB G.Skill DDR2 800 - $45 (free shipping)

    Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 Allendale 2.2 GHz - $126

    This is an estimated subtotal of just under $300. Have any recommendations? I built a different friends PC out of these components.....Flawless.....Amazing.....WINXP32SP2 detecting sata controllers without the need for F6 uploading drivers.....

    Any Advice?


  3. What about an E2200?
  4. Jim_L9 said:
    What about an E2200?

    I just looked up the E2200 on newegg.

    I don't...understand what it is.

    Originally I had a 2.2 Core 2 Duo picked out for like 126 on the egg.

    What is this 2.2 E2200? It is about 99 on the egg.

    Differences....I don't understand the e2200..

  5. The 4xxx series have twice the cache. Stick with them. 2200 is a high end version of 2xxx series; but still with half the cache. Not a good deal.
  6. You may even consider AMD for the price. He could reasonably do socket AM2, an Athlon x2 and 2 gb ddr2 800 for 200 bucks or under. I personally have an Athlon x2 5200+ Windsor, and WOW, it blows away my old 3500+
  7. He could pick up an x2 5000+ BE and OC it :)....those are supposed OC to 3.0ghz easily...
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