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Hello, I recently bought a WD 1T drive and I couldnt get it working, so i returned it saying it was DOA. The second one came and it did the same thing so i returned that one also. So the third i got a different drive to see if that would help. I got a Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb. Now there is not power cable for it so I just have the secure connect sata cable in it. When i installed it and went into bios, once again it didnt show anything or couldnt find a new drive. (This was OEM btw) So i log in anyways to see if i can find it in the administrative tools thing and it wasnt there either. Now this is my second harddrive. I already have a WD 74g raptor in it. I even downloaded the WD lifeguard tool and it couldnt pick up the second harddrive either. Can someone please help me? :)
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  1. Full system specifications and where you are connecting to on the motherboard will be helpful.
    You either need to enable the drive controller in bios or load a driver for the controller.
  2. My motherboard is a GIgabyte S-Series.
  3. Quote:
    Now there is not power cable for it so I just have the secure connect sata cable in it.

    Did you also connect a SATA power cable to the drive? Without power, it won't be detected.
  4. It doesnt have a regular four pin power cable connector to it so I figured that the sata data cable wasnt going to be enough. So i did switch it out with my other one and it still doesnt work. I have the power and data cable in it and still nothing.
  5. What Operating System and service pack are you running?
  6. xp sp2
  7. get your mobo's manual out and check your bios settings,,,because some bios's will turn on the sata 2x2 together and some one at a time,if your bios's settings are correct,,then your mobo may well be fubar'd...:)
  8. well the thing is i just had a different raptor driver in there and it died. so i decided to buy a newer bigger drive to put in. and now all of a sudden it doesnt work
  9. anyone? :(
  10. Do you have a SATA hard disk that works properly on that PC or do all drives fail to be detected? If none of the drives work, have you tried using a different SATA cable? There are not that many possibilities other than a BIOS that's not configured properly, a bad cable or a SATA controller that's gone south.

    Knowing exactly what motherboard and other components in your PC might help.

    this here is my mobo.

    Yes i do have a sata hd that is in there working right now. I switched the cables too and the cables arent bad.

    Im downloading the chipset driver right now to see if that has any effect. There are some sata raid drivers there too, i just dont have experience with those and dont know what they mean. If someone can direct me if i should or not? that would be fantastic! thanks :p
  12. Is the new hard drive detected in the BIOS, but not in the OS? Is the BIOS configured to auto detect the drives?
  13. its not detected in the bios or the OS. and i manually try to detect it in the bios and it finds nothing.
  14. So if you connect a new drive using the working drive's SATA and power cables, it isn't detected?
  15. that is correct. This is the third different new drive too. All three didnt have the 4 pinhole power connector either. im wondering if there is some issue with that. I just cant figure out whats wrong.
  16. How are you supplying power to the new drives? Are you using a SATA Power cable from your PSU or a 4-pin to SATA Power cable adapter like this one?
  17. i have one cable going into the harddrive. it looks like this.

    Theres no spot for one that goes from the psu to hd. where the 4 pinhole connector normally is on harddrives, its just a open spot.
  18. You should try a standard SATA cable and a power cable like the one that I suggested. Then your new hard disk should be detected. Your problem is that power isn't applied to the hard disk.
  19. Are you just looking in "My Computer" and you don't see it in there? Right Click on "my computer" and click "manage" then click on "disk management". If it recognizes the HDD and you see it there you have to create a partition... vista calls it a "simple volume". If it's not recognized there I don't know what to do. Hope this helps.
  20. kde2131, the drive won't show up in Windows if it isn't detected in the BIOS and it won't be detected in the BIOS until power is supplied to it.

    Clues to his problem are "its not detected in the bios or the OS. and i manually try to detect it in the bios and it finds nothing. " and "i have one cable going into the harddrive. it looks like this. ".

    The type of SATA cable that he used is to make sure that power isn't applied through both power connectors for drives that have them (SATA and 4-pin Molex). If he wants to use a single cable, then he needs something like this:
  21. yea my drive doesnt have a power connector. it looks like this
  22. i actually had one of those that plugged into power cable from the psu. This solved my problem, it recognizes it now! thankyou ghislaing, without you i probably wouldnt have gotten this working! i really appreciate it.

    one last question. does it matter if my drives are both masters? or should i put one to slave.
  23. Depending on the SATA connector that you use on the motherboard, SATA disks show up as master or slave in the BIOS. As long as the drive works, it doesn't matter.

    The picture of your SATA cable was key in figuring out your issue.
  24. yea i realize that now, ill no longer make that kind of mistake again. yea they work fine and they are both master. thanks again! i appreciate it
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