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Greetings denizens of ... well this forum..

I'm working on putting a system together and I've ended up with the following so far:

Q6600 C2Quad CPU
eVGA 8800GT 512mb PCI-E card
2 GB Corsair RAM
P35 MSI M-board

This is NOT an SLI setup

Now, I have an Antec PSU which I believe is rated at 550W and is a Neo HE PSU. (I'm still using it in my current computer so I'm not sure exactly what it is lol >_>)

Can this PSU work for my system?
Mainly, I'm not sure how to go about testing it. I can just plug it in and hope nothing blows up, but that's kind of risky. Are there any tell-tale signs that a PSU cannot sustain a setup? For example, would I be able to monitor the system while it's running with the case cover off so I can cut it off should anything look wrong?

I want to see if this PSU will work, but I don't want to fry and of my parts in the process.

Also, if you have any suggestions as to superior (cost-effective please) power supplies, please feel free to linky :D

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  1. Fry's electronics in store ad has the antec truepower trio for $60 today with no rebate.
  2. If it's an Antec Neo HE 550, it will run that system It's a Tier II PSU with more than enough power. Don't worry about blowing up the machine. If a PSU isn't powerful enough for a machine, it won't start up or more likely the machine will randomly shutdown. I have that PSU and did a lot of research before buying and have used Antec for years.
  3. Your current PSU is more than enough.
  4. Great thanks for the replies!
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