Please double-check my system build before I order tomorrow morning!!

Hey guys,

Tomorrow is the last day I can order this, because I'm leaving the country and won't be able to do anything as of 3pm EST tomorrow, so quick responses would be GREATLY appreciated.
I've constructed this system, but I'm no pro, so I was hoping somebody could double check that I haven't made any poor choices:

Motherboard $299.99
Processor $279.99
Graphics Card*/** $449.99
Memory* $134.99
Harddrive* $104.99
Power Supply** $139.99
Case* $109.99
CD / DVD $39.99
Monitor* $359.99

I built it with future SLI (another GTX, when they're cheaper) in mind, and I want to be able to play games like World in Conflict and Crysis. Also room for another 4GB memory upgrade.

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  1. 780i supports dual & tri SLI. I suggest you take a look:

    I wouldn't build such a highend rig with that psu. Heck, I wouldn't use anything but tier 1:
  2. eveything is great if you got the money, but a word of advice, that mobo is a dead-end in terms of upgrade, its the last in it's line, plus, its abit of an overkill if your not going to OC. go with a P5N32-E, you'll save quite alot and still get 2 x16 slots.

    that PSU is just sick overkill. a system like that, running with even GTX's in SLI we'll need a 700W PSU. max
    it's a total waste of money
  3. Buy the 780i if you want sli ^^^^^
    Change your cpu to a Q6600
    Buy a 8800GT or new GTS instead off the GTX
    Change your psu to a PCP&C or Seasonic (about 700W)
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