Bios virus wont allow hard drive format

I am assuming the problem is a bios virus. Computer is a dell optiplex 330. I have removed the malware using rkill, malwarebytes anti-malware, and Hijackthis (bless you guys for being on our side). Unfortunately, the old hard drive, cannot be fdisked. I bought a new hard drive, the computer would not fdisk or install xp. I installed the new hard drive into another computer and used the same xp disk to format and do an install on the new hard drive. It worked first time no problem. I then installed the new hard drive into the problem computer. It would not boot. It will not is still having the problem we were originally having after chasing out the malware/virus. The blue screen tells me that we may have a virus and I should uninstall the new hard drive that works everywhere but in this computer.

Anybody know what to do?
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  1. Please provide us the "STOP code" that located in the blue screens.

    More information about these codes you'll find here:
  2. Try removing any non-essential hardware for now.

    Boot of the XP disc, and do a windows repair. Since you installed windows on the drive using a different PC, the HAL.dll is different. This often will cause issues booting back in the original PC. Here's a guide to doing the repair.
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