Please Help, serious issues

Dear Readers,

I have this system:
C2D e6750, ASUS Striker Extreme Revisions 1205 and 1305, Corsair Twin MX2 4X1GB at 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1V
2X eVGA 8800 GTS 320 OC in SLI
Creative XFi Xtreme Gamer Fatility Pro with the stupid Ram
Seasonic S12 650W PSU 80+...

2 HDD's may fans and an Antec 1088TX Case (full tower)...

So the PC is on it's 3rd mobo (the first p5ne-32 sli) died, the second mobo was an ASUS Extreme Striker Died, and now a replacement.

Now the computer was running fine (no OC, ran Prim95 often with no errors, got 11,000+ in 3dmark 06), when all of a sudden it crashed...running XP pro and Vista 64 problem, I reset it... and then OH #%@.

No post. Reset, Post, but did not recognize the CPU and the MEM or anything, just hang...turned off, then on, and it posted and got past the main boot up screen, but hung there...the LCD poster read (init ROM).

Sometimes it would get past this 'initializing ROM' stage, and almost get into windows (either) but would hang again. Eventually, don't ask me how, i got into wxp, and when I reset...same problems.

The next day (that was last night), the PC booted into windows, and the soundcard was not recognized at all...I even moved slots, but to no avail. I tried each piece of ram, each video card, ran prime 95 (successfully), and only the sound card was dead.

Now, sometimes it won't post or boot right, but eventually will, and I backed up everything...but I am sick and tired of replacing my mobo, and am right now testing the PC with the motherboard's sound card and the XFi out...I hope that is the issue because UPDATING the BIOS did nothing.

INIT ROM...strange error this the ROM on the mobo? Is this the ROM on the XFi?, what's up?

I checked the temps, they are fine...I am confused and frustrated.

Can anyone help me, as you are all experts beyond me...I have been running this setup for three months just fine, and the XFi has been runing for more than six months.

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  1. Could be the PSU. I hear Seasonic is supposed to be good, but if you have a bad PSU, am I the only one thinking maybe a bad PSU could be frying/shorting out his mobos?

    But it just seems like your problem carries over after a while to each new mobo you get. You shouldn't have that many bad mobos. Even if you had bad luck, what are the chances of THAT bad of luck? Get in your bios and check your voltages on the PSU. I think you might have a prob there.
  2. the voltages are not great...example: the 12V is at 11.7xV

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  3. OK I have disconnected the XFi (don't work anywho) and two case fans...and in the BIOS here are the voltages:

    VCORE: 1.44
    MEM: 2.16 - 2.4 (went up and down briefly, it is set to 2.1 in the bios.
    1.2v: 1.24
    NB: 1.44
    SB: 1.53-1.55
    CPU VTT: 1.36
    DDR2 Termination Voltage: 1.67
    3.3: 3.26
    5: 4.89
    12: 11.77

    Looks like it is alright but the 12V concerns me... or maybe I am wrong and they all look bad...

    Any ideas as this PC is also for work and I am in serious need of fact I don't even play games right now (waste of SLI I know but meh)
  4. how about a PC pwer and Cooling 750 W...or is it too early to think of replacing components without knowing for sure what the issue is...

    UPDATE: without the XFi and the 2 case fans the PC is running fine...could it be that the PSU fried the XFi? or the other way around?
  5. I had the exact same problem on my now dead Asus P5B Deluxe, sorry bro your Bios is flaking out on you. It would boot then it wouldn't over and over again until the mobo died. The Bios is the device that configures all of your hardware, the Ram, CPU everything and it seems now it having trouble doing what it was designed to do.
  6. hmmm but why is the XFi not recognized...I guess I need to try it in another PC, could be my PCI slots as well, because the 'fatality' light on the XFi does light up, but the card is not recognized.

    Any Ideas? I really hope that it is the PSU and not the Mobo, but if it is the mobo then how about the XFX 680i mobo as a replacement?
  7. bornking said:
    hmmm but why is the XFi not recognized...I guess I need to try it in another PC, could be my PCI slots as well, because the 'fatality' light on the XFi does light up, but the card is not recognized.

    Any Ideas? I really hope that it is the PSU and not the Mobo, but if it is the mobo then how about the XFX 680i mobo as a replacement?

    The reason why your lights are on on your sound card is because it has power. First you say that your mobo doesn't see your CPU, memory and now your X-Fi card. Having all your PCI slots going bad all at the same time, highly unlikely. Sounds like your computer is having trouble even doing a simple boot to Windows, theres only one mobo component that is required for booting to Windows and thats the Bios.

    Test all your other components before you RMA the mobo.
  8. good advice but I don't have a backup system to test all the components...any software programs I can run?

    Prime 95 runs fine for hours, and the HDD's are fine since I ran defrags on them for hours as well, windows is operating fine as well with no hickups right now, and for the last twelve that the XFi is out of it...

    Perhaps the PSU was crapping out with the added load of the XFi and the two case fans...which are both disconnected.

    As for the mobo not recognizing the cpu and are right it was just the BIOS, since they also seem fine. I will run a windows memory diagnostic to check the ram.

    I will also try the XFi in another PC (my friends) sometime today and probably have to RMA that, but if it works then again it could be the mobo, and the PSU which may have fried it.

  9. What should my next step be?

    1. Obviously test the XFi in another PC...ok
    2. ?
  10. Perhaps its time to take the system into a reputable shop for diagnostics.

    Each component that plugs into the mobo should be tested. As you mentioned you don't have a second PC to test things like the video card, CPU, etc. Any repair shop should be able to test these things separately from the mobo.

    Your 12V measurement is not good. +11.7V is out of spec as you stated. Most likely the two video cards plus HDDs are robbing the rest of the system of power. What you need to check is the power requirements for the two video cards, the HDDs and see if the PSU current rating (measured in Amps) exceeds their combined total.
  11. I have heard more booting problems with Asus.

    Get a $30.00 digital multimeter from the local Radio Shack/Target and measure the voltage on one of the spare Molex connectors, while you are booting up. You can't trust the voltage readings from the mobo.

    I ran the calculator w/ 8800GTX cards and 100% load and got a recommenced PSU of 502W. So if your Seasonic is working it should be fine. If you think it's a power problem try running it with one VGA.

    Here is a quote from another thread, he was referring to a P5N-E mobo.
    kellytm3 said:
    I have same board with similar setup as yours.Raise your NB voltage a little,like someone stated earlier,that may fix your problem???
  12. I tried with one Video card and had the same problem. I just swapped the XFi for a new one and it runs fine...with 2 8800's...I also replaced the PSU with a PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750W, and the voltages (in the BIOS) are mostly the same except the 12V which is STILL 11.77, let me look at speedfan....12V is at 11.78...what if I take one HDD out...let me try it I will get back to you guys on this.
  13. Speedfan gets its voltage numbers from the mobo, they can't be trusted either. You need to measure voltages with a meter. Your Seasonic is probably good.
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