Internet Explorer and Google Chrome won't Open

Hey Everyone!

I've been having issues with my Internet Explorer and Google Chrome for the last few months and can't stand it anymore!

Everytime I try to click on Internet Explorer I need to click about 7 times (and about 10 minutes) before it actually loads. It keeps trying to load...but just doesnt....then will crash....then I have to click again etc. Also, Google Chrome rarely ever works as it tries to load but usually doesn't.

I'm currently using Internet Explorer 9 as well as the latest version of Google Chrome. I have uninstalled the program multiple times, ran the programs without add ons. I’m currently using Norton Internet Security Version I’ve also tried to run the internet programs while disabling the firewall and internet security.

My current OS is Windows Professional 32bit.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be done to fix this?
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  1. Uninstall IE9 then do a clean install of IE8, better suited to Windows XP and Vista.

    Also, with Google Chrome, you will need a version suited to your OS. Might be better not to instal chrome until you have installed IE8 and only then if you feel there is something that Google Chrome can offer.
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  3. Windows XP is not made for internet explorer 9 please remove internet explorer and use internet explorer 8.
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