X1950pro reaching 100celcius+ while playing Crysis

Hello, well I'm playing Crysis, and my VGA, X1950pro 256mb, is reaching over 100celcius, I'm a bit worried about this as i don't want to burn out my VGA, is this normal for this type of card, what sit the max temp a x1950pro can take? Thanks.

I've had this VGA for around a year now, do you think i need a new fan?

Some more info on my computer if you need it:
C2D 3ghz
2GB Ram
256mb X1950pro(Sapphire)
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  1. What kind of case do you have??? What are your normal temperatures in other games you play? Stock cooling? Also are you sure it is celcius and not Farenheit?

    Enough questions, I await your reply.
  2. I own an x1800xt 512MB and it does not reach over 70C Even when running the most intensive graphics applications/games. So if I where you I would avoid running any games untill you can resolve the issue.

    What are the temperatures on your other components(CPU,Motherboard)?
    Check your case airflow. If you own a crappy case with no fans, adding additional fans or purchasing a new case should be on top of your to do list. It might also help to manualy tune your gfx card's fan speed so that it reaches higher speeds(I set mine to 100% fanspeed atfer 65C, but you mere mortals will probably whine and bitch about the noise) once the temperatures reach 70C, you can use a utility like rivatuner or ati tray tools to manage that.
    *EDIT* Forgot to mention the the temps on my gfx card are with a pretty high overclock with a voltage bordering on "unsafe".
  3. Well, you'll probably laugh at the case, as its the one Fujitsu use for their Scaleo P model, I've just added lots to it, only thing left that was in there originally is the DVD drive(changing in two days) and the HDD.

    I just recently bought a case fan, and have it on full, (around 2,400rpm) when playing games. I haven't checked the normal temperatures for other games as I just recently formatted, and only have Crysis on it atm. Will try CSS later and report back. Haven't checked my CPU and mobo, but i can tell you what they are at idle compared to the x1950pro

    CPU: 29celcius
    mobo: 37celcius
    GPU: 59celcius

    And yes, I'm sure they're celcius ;-) (I wish it said Fahrenheit, then i would be happy, but shamefully it doesn't ;P)
  4. Sounds like you definitely need better airflow to your case. You may want to look into installing fans for both intake and exhaust, and possibly even an aftermarket gpu cooler.
  5. I could always just get a new case instead, as it doesn't seem to have a fan place in the front of the case, looking at that antec 900 gaming case, with 200mm top fan, that'll surely keep it cool enough? :P
  6. Killgroup said:
    I could always just get a new case instead, as it doesn't seem to have a fan place in the front of the case, looking at that antec 900 gaming case, with 200mm top fan, that'll surely keep it cool enough? :P

    If you don't mind the price, that should be great.
    However I seem to have caught a bug that makes me want to recommend a certain case to everyone.
    I'm talking about the Cooler Master cm-690(or RC-690 same thing) it can be had for releatively cheap.

    I helped a friend change from his no-name case to this one and I really liked the features, design, and price point.
    You can put up to 6 120mm fans in it(comes with 2). You can also mount a bigger fan(not sure what size) on the bottom for air intake, I just mickey-mouse'd a silverstone 110cfm 120mm fan on there :P

    Good review here: http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=10255&search=cm%20690
    Zipzoomly has a lower base price, but newegg has a better price after rebate.
    Buy here: http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=10006342
    Or here: http://www.newegg.com/Store/Category.aspx?Category=9&name=Computer-Cases
  7. Hm, in this country(UK) Its almost the same price as the Antec Nine Hundred.
  8. Can't edit for some reason? :s

    Played CSS and it was getting up to 93's , it must be the airflow in my case is not good enough, will get that new case soon, thanks all.
  9. I have a Antec 900, and you cannot go wrong, it keeps my 2900 XT at a maximum of 50 C under load.
  10. Just thought I'd ask while this post is still moderately active, i have one chassis fan, do you think its better to have it taking air out, of pushing air in?
  11. Pushing air in.
  12. Before you change your case or install fans, can you tape a video of you slpashing water drops on the GPU when you're playing crysis? (dont do this really)
  13. its just your graphics trying its hardest to please you by playing crysis on high.
  14. Take the side off your case and see how high the temps get. If there's a significant difference then you have an airflow problem.

    In reality you can always improve airflow.
  15. i got the asus one and its got a heatpipe and it dosnt get above 60.c idle at 42.c
  16. Also make sure your HSF is clean, it could be coated in a thin layer of dust thus rendering the copper etc nearly useless.

    Double check that first before buying a new case etc. Many times it's just a build-up of dust over time, and it does make a huge difference.
  17. Also, don't forget thw Thermal Take Armor full tower. Now $135.00 at the Egg:

  18. Heh..i thought this thread was dead, i sorted the problem, turns out the stock fan sucked, got one of those Zalman VF1000 LED, and it idles at 33C and reaches a maximum of 55C when playing Crysis.
  19. Just for the hell of it:

    360mm side fan
    250mm front fan
    120mm exhaust fan (not included)

    Q6600 @ 3.6 on 1.42v (someone elses build) with AC Freezer 7 Pro kept under 51c load running full orthos in that case.
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