Can my power suppl handle a 8800 gt?

ihave a 400w power supply from mercury...i purchased it 14 months ago....right now i have my motherboard an 80 gb hard disk and a sony dvd writer connected to it....there is one extra power connector.....i checked the faq but couldnt make much out of it....i wanna put an 8800 question is first of all can my present psu handle it???i also wanted to know if u plug this connector directly to the card?wat i meant was tat are the power connectors to the hard disk n card similar???plz assume that i have only superficial knowldege of power supplies(sadly) rig is ....
athlon x2 4400+,asus m2n-mx-se...2 gb ddr2-667 transcend ram,80 gb sata hdd
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  1. I would not use that power supply to run an 8800GT. Even if the +12v rails add up to 28A. Check out the link below on choosing a power supply. If you buy the right one and put some good money into it, your power supply could last you for quite some time. BTW: choose from the Tier T brands and above only. I have a 580w Mushkin Enhanced Modular PS that has worked great for me.
  2. That's cutting it too close. Get a better one.

    And stay away from cheap brands like Rosewill.
  3. OMG you are really lucky that your mercury power supply can handle your athlon x2 4400+ becouse when my old 300W PSU died my friend gave me Mercury 400W power supply and it couldnt even handle my system with Athlon XP 3200+ geforce 7600GS and 2 hard drives(when i played 3d games video card gave me error that it do not get enough power) so then i decided to find info about that power supply so here it is what i found as you can see this PSU failed all tests and worked at 323 W only 3 minutes so i dont think this one will handle 8800 GT but you can try :)
  4. hey..can u giv e me some idea on the cash ill have to pay for gettin those said psu, thinkin of a 500 or 550w supply.....
  5. A good quality 500w PSU is gona run anywhere between $50-$100, depending on brand, model, and if you find a good sale or rebate.
  6. $100 is a good balance right now. Remember it's the basis of your whole system. A PC does run on electricity, so you have to start there. Spend $50 on a PSU, and spend $50 more on the GPU. You get a more demanding GPU and less stable power to run it. The beginning of problems........

    This is written by the people with Buttloads more experiance than 95% of us.... Heed it or be smitten!
  7. hey so could u ppl give me a model which retails at $60-70???it shud really be worth the money...and shud be easily avbl..
  8. This one gets recommened alot and for good reasons too,

    I wish I would bought this one instead of the Earthwatts EA380 I purchased about a month ago. The EA380 was only 20 bucks thou on sale with a rebate.
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