"Network cable unplugged" almost certain its a virus

This is driving me nuts, I'm almost certain i caught a virus via a game exe that i downloaded and now my computer is getting the error "Network cable unplugged". I have checked a bunch of forums, but no one has a direct fix for it. I know my internet is working fine because my ps3 connection and girlfriends laptop are connecting fine. AVG found a virus called "Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic9.SYD" but this isnt the only thing affecting my computer because AVG has since removed this virus. Can someone please suggest anything that would help? :sweat:
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  1. Do you have access to the internet?
    Is your PC a desktop with two ethernet connectors at the back?
  2. Yes I m also caught with the same problem and able to connect when I boot with the other operating system. It seems that AVG free editions is unable to catch this virus (like lots of others).

    I just uninstalled and reinstalled the Ethernet driver and got the problem resolved :)
    later on I switched to Trend Micro (AVG sucks)

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