E2180 & GA-P35-DS3L OC Need help!

Working on OCing my rebuilt PC, wondering if anyone has any experience with the parts I have purchased.

CPU: E2180
Mobo: GA-P35-DS3L
Ram: Crucial Ballistix PC6400

Using stock HSF for now untill i rebuild my H2O system.

Here's what ive done so far

vcore: 1.325v (stock)
OCed CPU 2.00Ghz -> 2.75Ghz (10x multiplier, 6~10 are my options)
FSB: 275
Ram: 686(underclocked, stock 800) FSBx2.5 (my next option is 3.0, which would overclock and require memory timings loosened)
PCIe:100mhz (locked)
everything else stock, and whatever bios options there are that can interfere with manual OC i have disabled.
stock HSF is on variable speed, (quiet is nice, i got used to the h2o cooling)

ran orthos for 6hr without crash, temps came out as:
CPU1 & 2: 59c
Mobo: 64c

Ive tried 2.8 & 2.85 but i seem to crash quiet frequently. I tried boosting Vcor up to 1.34 but havent seen any improvement.

I heard this CPU can go to 3.0ghz without any vcore adjustment.... anything im doing wrong or do i just need to push my vcore more at this point? Temps seem to be fine, only the mobo seems a little high.

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  1. try 400x8 at 1:1 which i believe is 2.0. Maybe 1.4 vcore.
  2. Yea maybe more vcore... :(

    I've had my e2160 for a few weeks now, I had to bump the vcore over 1.4 in order to get the vcore to be above 1.4 while under load. I couldn't remain stable @ 400x8 (3.2ghz) w/out having the vcore over 1.4 under load. But its finally stable, and with decent temps. 59c max under load after 16 hours of orthos, however that mobo temp could be an issue... Mine has never gone over 39c.
  3. I have had my HTPC setup for about a month and after reading through a ton of threads and testing I have settled on the following (for now!):

    Multiplier = x9 (or x10 when 300)
    Clock = 333 (or 300 when x10)
    PCI freq = 100
    C.I.A.2 = Disabled
    EIST = Disabled
    SPD = 2.0 (or 2.4)
    CPU voltage = Auto (I think 1.39V idle on CPU-Z)
    DRAM voltage = Auto (Shows 2.10V idle on CPU-Z)
    RAM timing = Auto (Shows 5-5-5-12 idle on CPU-Z)

    I have no problems when running OCCT 2.0 (with Speedfan 4 monitoring temps) or Prime 95. Under load I get to about 60C. What version of the BIOS are you using?

    My setup:

    DS3L (BIOS = F8f using @BIOS)
    Alpine Arctic Pro HSF
    4x1GB G.Skill DDR2 800
    Raidmax Hybrid 530W PS
    Diamond Radeon HD3870 512MB GDDR4
    Seagate 750GB hard drive (32MB buffer)
    Vista Ultimate 64 or XP Pro SP2 (Dual Boot)
  4. using F8f bios, updated right after i got it out of the box.

    I'll try pushing my Vcor a little more @ 2.85Ghz and run prime while i make dinner.

    I set vcore to 1.3500 in bios. CPUz shows it as 1.328, and Everest shows it at 1.33~1.34

    Might just be that I had a weak Vcor to begin with... if im setting it to 1.35 and only getting 1.33. Time will tell. Orthos running. Temps already at mobo:63 cpu:59
  5. put vcore on auto, its best. go up to a max of 333fsb. use ur multiplier.
  6. Setting a voltage in the bios but getting an actual voltage less than the bios is very normal. This is called Vdroop and Vdrop, which protects the cpu from spiking over the VID, which is the value you set in the bios.
  7. Never knew about vdroop/drop. Finally got 2.85ghz to be stable. Had to set Vcor to 1.365 in bios. Under load it drops to 1.344.

    I generally don't bother pushing vcore much, but my temps are only getting to 60 under load. So i see no reason to stop yet.

    Ill see how much i can push the FSB at this vcor setting.

    Update: Im at 3.00Ghz I had to push the vcor to 1.43 in bios, i think it needs to go to 1.44~1.45 for it to stabilize at 3Ghz.

    Seems rather high vcor? Definitly improves stability the more i push it though.
  8. I've got my e2160/ga-p35-ds3l/ddr2-800 stable at 3.2ghz with:

    8 x 400fsb
    ram 1:1 @ 800mhz 4-4-4-12 timing (+0.3v = 2.0v)

    Temps in the low 50s with full load for 11 hours.
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