Am i running too hot?

hey ive got the followin specs

Intel core 2 duo E6550
Intel DG31PR (mobo)
1.5gb ram
450 watts psu
1X80gb & 1X40gb HARD DISKS

No grafic card

im gettin the following temps:-

Processor Fan : 1205 rpm
Processor Temperature : 54.5 °C
Processor Temperature (Core 1) : 55 °C
Processor Temperature (Core 2) : 55 °C
Mainboard Temperature : 73 °C
Hard Disk Monitoring : S.M.A.R.T
Hard Disk Temperature ST340810A : 46 °C
Hard Disk Temperature WDC WD800BD-00MRA1 : 35 °C

Am i running too hot?? i jus got this build 5 months ago its not branded i bought the parts n gave it to a computer shop to assemble (they legit cause ive had dealings with them b4 too) i jus only got introduced to PC WIZARD 08 n those are the temps its showin me all the things on my pc are stock no over clocking or nuthing .... if i am running hot, which would b the best option?? im planin to buy a grafic card i already have around $416 ... will i have any heating issues if i get my self an 8800 series or better?? (will change my psu as n when needed)

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  1. are you using stock cooler? where are you getting those temps from?
  2. yea im usin a stock cooler which came with the processor i used pc wizard to get the temp (cant upload screen shot as i dont know how too)
  3. are you oc'ing?
  4. no im not oc'ing everything is stock the speed the fans everything.
  5. Are those temps at Idle? If they are you running hot.

    Also your Mainboard temp...i'm surprised it hasn't cooked yet.
  6. well i dont smell anything burning n the casing is cold to the touch ive removed half of the casing but that dint help much, as for idle i only got bitcommet runnin other wize its moslty surfing the net n all, virus scan runs in the background but tats about it the temp fluctuates between 50 - 60the mobo stays at 70 most of the time hard disk temp remains constant.
  7. problem solved ...jus needed a bit of spring cleaning... thank u for all the stupid questions u asked even though the answers were already provided in my first post
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