OC Q6600 with P5K

I want to get a Q6600 but i only have a P5K from asus. Is it good enough to bring me to over 400 mhz bus speed? I am gonna cool it with TR 120 Extreme so temp wouldn't be a concern for me. I am also currently running 2 sets of 1GB X 2 so 4 GB in total. My NB is already at around 60 degrees. Also going to switch over to a CM 690, i am using a piece of junk right now. So am i ok with my P5K or should i get something like P5E or Maximus Formula?
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  1. I'm running a P5K at 430 Mhz and I haven't had a problem (8 months and running).

    You should be OK unless the voltage regulators aren't enough to power the Q6600, which I doubt, I'd say go for it.

    In a matter of fact I'm going for it the moment I can get my hands on a G0 stepping Q6600.

    Availability sucks here in South America :'(
  2. Crono, i think you are probably running a E2xxx series. I really need input from someone preferably with P5K and a Q6600.
  3. There are people around here who use a GA-P31-DS3L and GA-P35-DS3L and have their Q6600s at 3.6GHz. The P5K will have no problems with taking a Q6600 to 400MHz FSB. The only thing you should worry about is that northbridge temp. Call me chicken but that's scary hot for a NB. The P5E costs twice that of the P5K and the Maximus Formula is even more expensive. If you have the money for it buy it. But I still think it's a waste if the P5K will do 400MHz FSB with a dualcore chip.
  4. well as long as my P5K can do 400 mhz fsb or over with a Q6600 i am happy. My NB is really hot because i have 4 ram sticks in, normally it isn't that hot.
  5. Check my config, I'm running a B2 E6300.
  6. oh sorry, i thought you'd be running at 9x, but turns out your in 7x. Nice config.
  7. I would say that you simply try it on the board. Before you get a new one. I think it will be fine.

    Although you may want the formula because it does have superior over clocking and stability. Zero Vdroop and a precise Vdrop. .0250. Thats it. At that point, what you see is what you get in windows. 1.4250 in the bios is 1.4000 Loaded.

    It has a second set ove VCore power if you monitor the sensors that indicates VTT and VREF health. You can modify each one individually once you spend a while reading up on what it does. One clue, that alot of people seem to break... You do not want you VTT over the Bios VCore setting! (Some boards call it FSB voltage.)

    It will easily get 450 FSB, and higher, though I havent ran it higher. Maybe I will do some testing on the board when I get done with the quads.

    So... just test the darn thing with your old/current board, and when it works, be happy you didnt just buy one. Unless you simply want a better board, that is!

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