Applying Thermal Paste Core 2 Duo HDT-S1283

I have ordered this Heatsink, and am now just waiting for the bolt kit to be sent to me.
I'm using the Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo CPU. Arctic Silver 5
I wanted to know if I will be needing to put a small line of thermal paste on my cpu after cleaning it. & also do I have to add some to the heatsink? just a line, or spread it around.

I am using the Antec 900 case and will be mounting the heatsink with the fan on the bottom blowing up towards my top case fan "due to my side case fan preventing me from installing the heatsink the normal way.
says to put a line on the cpu which going off the notches would be a horizontal line across left to right.
this line method on the heatink would line up perfectly to the line method on the cpu if I was installing the heatsink the normal way, fan on right side blowing towards the back of the case.

So, if I did both of these methods, there would be a + "cross" of a thermal paste.

Should I do the line method on the cpu "which seems to be more important for the cores" and call it good for the heatsink? Or do I want the paste going across the 3 copper pipes? or use a small amount on the heatsink and spread it around evenly.
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  1. Apply the thermal paste in the direction per Artic Silver instructions.
  2. dallasjoh said:
    Apply the thermal paste in the direction per Artic Silver instructions.

    That's been proven to be a poor way to apply paste for the Xigmatek.

    frogontv, your links are not working. I have read a good way to apply paste is to put two lines along the ridges (aluminum part) and slap it on the cpu. It supposedly spreads the paste out the best of any other way besides spreading it out yourself.
  3. hmm, I think If I apply the paste like it says on Arctic Silvers site with the one line method going in the direction parallel with the heat pipes, I should get some of the same results as the article on HDT. "also looks like a good idea to fill in the cracks between the heat pipes with paste"

    I have seen other methods where they apply the paste directly onto the CPU, or even spread it around themselves. I think putting the paste on the heatsink and letting it spread itself would be a better option.

    Thanks for the replies... I just wasn't sure how to apply the paste for the Xigmatek HDT-S1283 because they recommended putting a line of paste in the opposite direction as Arctic Silver & many others recommend it.

    Xigmatek - Apply a single line perpendicular to the heat pipes
    AS/others - Apply a single line parallel to the heat pipes.
    "the two line method did look like it got good results on the HDT test"
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