Will HD3870 fit inside a Thermaltake Lanbox.....?

I'm planning to buy a Thermaltake LanBox VF1000SWA for a gaming rig that can is mobile enough to travel...

But I'm wondering if it can handle a Q6600, Asus P5E-VM HDMI and ATI Radeon HD3870 512mb...
I'm afraid if it can't keep up with the heat, I'm sure the Q6600 can remain stable but the HD3870 is a problem if it will crash due to heat and also the size of the video card to fit into the lanbox...
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  1. You should be alright - a quick search on google found a review where they quite happily managed to fit in a 8800gts, and from the layout it looks like you should be alright as far as heat is concerned ... as long as you don't plan to overclock that q6600.

    To be able to overclock you could buy a simple watercooling system just for the CPU with a 120mm radiator and bolt it onto the power supply so that the PSU's fan is providing the airflow for the radiator.
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