How to OC an Opteron 185 socket 939 on an A8N32 SLI-Deluxe board

I finally got my computer up and running after a 3 month dead zone... I had to by an new PSU and killed my second BFG 7900GS (Mine were thread unlocked to (24pp,8vp)) do to my upgrading to an Opteron 185 from an Athlon64 x2 3800+.(The old PSU was 480W sparkle, the knew one is 750W same brand)

Now that i have the Opty 185 in, i wont to try OC'ing it but the clock multi is locked at 13x on my motherboard and it wont let me go up or down. I had heard of OC's of this chip by droping Multy to 9x and going up to 335Mhz to get a 3Ghz, but is it possible to somehow unlock the Multi on my Mobo(The aforementioned Ausu A8N32 SLI-Deluxe Bios 1401), or do i have to live with Vcore and Frequency changing.

PS: I got the board to run stable with the Preset 5% OC setting in the Bios, but not using AI-NOS.

PPS:The mane use of the computer is Gaming, but i also do heave video editing for my side job and my hoby of making AMVs
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  1. drop the ht to x4 and push up the fsb / ht bus speed
  2. You don't mention what type of heatsink you have, but you will need a good one, at minimum a Zalman 9500 or 9700, though there are several better ones out there.

    I have that mobo and its easy to overclock. In the BIOS under "Advanced", click on AI Overclocking and then Manual. With a 13 multipler, bump the FSB to 230. That should give you 2990 mhz. Move your Processor Voltage to the area of 1.4v to 1.45v. If you leave the DDR timing on Auto, you shouldn't have any further trouble. Do download Speedfan to keep an eye on your temperatures. The cpu shouldn't go over 55c, though the lower the better until it reaches around 40c under load.

    Alternatively, you can drop the multiplier and raise the FSB, but that can cause some problems with getting the ram timing right. With my FX60, I usually ran a multiplier of 14 and set the FSB at 220 for a clock of 3080 mhz. I could go to a FSB of 225 and a multi of 14 for 3150 mhz, but things started to get too hot then.

    If you want to unlock the multiplier, at least for the reason of going down, Click on "FID/VID Change" and change it from Auot to Manual. That should let you pick what processor frequency multiplier you want (within the range of your cpu), and change voltage. You need to click on this anyway to change the processor voltage. Sorry if I'm repeating what you already know. I've been overclocking chips with the mobo for over two years now and I think its a good one to work with.

    If you use one of the automatic overclocking features in the BIOS, I prefer the "Overclock Profile" over the AI N.O.S, as it caused me fewer problems. Under the Overclock Profile, you can easily dial up a 10% overclock, which gives a 220 FSB for an overclock of 2860 mhz. Not quite the 3000 mhz you mentioned, but close.
  3. don't push the FSB to far with out dropping the HT down to x4 or lower

    200x5 = 1000
    250x4 = 1000

    I have head that you want to keep ht around 1000 on 939 systems.
  4. TY. I figured the layout of my Bios, that is to the point of the HT bus is now set to 4x250, and i got the system stable up to around 2,940Mhz with a bit of extra power to the chip and a lower multi, 12x245
    This leaves the core at 41~42C idle and stable under full load after testing, but i am stumped by the fact that, in droping my core molti, my ram drops to a sloth-full 266Mhz from its normal 400Mhz after i drop the multi to 12x.

    As is i am just doing some testing on my BFG 7900GS Graphics card, before i kill it and go for a new BFG 8800GTS...The knew one.
  5. Thavion Hawk said:
    , but i am stumped by the fact that, in droping my core molti, my ram drops to a sloth-full 266Mhz from its normal 400Mhz after I drop the multi to 12x.

    This is a ram problem. AMD normally runs the ram at 200 mhz, which doubles to 400 mhz. As you raise the FSB, you also raise the ram speed. But, because of the 400 mhz limit, the ram has to be adjusted down in speed so that it doesn't go too high. High performance ram can stretch the 200 mhz limit, but that only goes so far before you either get an overclock failure or, if the ram speed is left on auto, it kicks the speed down, in your case, to 266 mhz.

    If you put the multiplier back up to 13 and run the FSB at 230 for a cpu speed of 2990 mhz, your ram speed should bump up to 333 mhz. Alternatively, you could drop the FSB to 225 for a speed of 2925 mhz and possibly keep your full ram speed of 400. Actually, in CPU-Z you would see a speed of 225, which doubles to 450. This is where high performance ram really takes effect. Sandard ram has a lot of trouble going over a 5% overclock, while the high performance stuff (read high price) can aborb the higher overclocks without kicking the speed down. I can usually run between a FSB of 225 and 230 before the ram kicks down to 333 mhz, but like all things, that speed will vary with the individual computer and its ram.
  6. my ram is a quad set of 512MG Crucial Ballistics PC3200. I got the system running stable at HT 4x250 and CPU 13x210
    CPUz reads HT at 1050 CPU at 2730
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