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Hi folks,

Here's my problem. Our 320Gb Maxtor external hard drive at work stopped working. Apparently it got knocked off of a 3Ft high desk and now computers cant recognize it. So i need to get the information on the disk recovered and i don't know were to get that done. Do you go to like a geeksquad/firedog to get that done? Any help is vary much appreciated.
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  1. You might be lucky, in that the damage was to the circuit board or its connectors, not the drive. Had it been the other way, PCs would probably recognize it, but not be able to access it.
    Does it make any unusual or different noises when you turn it on? Do you hear any broken bits when you turn it around? You may be able to remove the drive and attach it to a PC by either another adapter, or by its native connections.
  2. If the data is very important to your company you are willing to pay for it, there are companies out there who do it. Geeksquad or firedog won't do it so google data recovery services. However, be prepared to pay upwards of more than $1000 for it.
  3. Well unfortunately i am not at work today (staid home to do school:( ) but i was told that the drive sounds normal when it is plugged in. I was somewhat hesitate to have the drive case opened as that would void the warranty, but i just called Seagate and there warranty does not cover accidents of this nature. Seagate also said that they have a data recovery service but that it could cost any where from $700 to $2900 (technician has to asses the damages, and see what they can recover before they tell you how much it costs exactly)
  4. First question should be "was it powered/running at the time"?
    If so, forget it, the probable damage will make it too expensive to recover; If it wasn't, give Seagate's recovery service a try (providing the data is worth it), $700 - $2900 is a reasonable for data recovery.
  5. MrLinux: I check and yes it was powered on when it fell. I guess i will try and get Seagate to recover the data (which is some vary important stuff) unless someone knows of a different, reputable company.
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