Just wondering if this build is worth the money..

Hey. I'm new to the forums and I'm seeking advice on a new home built system which I'm planning to build @ around January time.
I'll listen to any advice you guys are willing to give me because I'm no expert ;p

Here are my suggestions for a new build.

1x Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2 Dominator PC2-8500C5 TwinX (2x1GB)
1x Tuniq Tower 120 CPU Cooler (Socket 478/754/939/940/AM2/LGA775)
1x OCZ GameXStream 700w Silent SLI Ready ATX2 Power Supply
1x Asus P5K-E WiFi Intel P35 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard
1x PowerColor ATI Radeon HD 3870 XT Extreme Silent 512MB GDDR4 TV-Out/Dual DVI/HDMI (PCI-Express) - Retail

I'm currently running an Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz but I'm looking to upgrade that to a Q6600 about a month after this bulk buy. I'm also looking @ running crossfire with another HD 3870 XT.

The main thing I'm looking at is the motherboard. I've read some reviews on the one I'm thinking on buying and it sound's ok, I was just wondering if anyone could back me up on that theory ;p

Thanks for your time.
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  1. If you want to run crossfire, I think you'll probably want a Crossfire compatible board, probably using a X38 chipset rather than a P35.

    The RAM is probably overkill, I would guess that the DDR2-800 (6400) would be fine.

    I would consider overclocking the 6550 until you see a good option on a Penryn quad (Januaryish).
  2. I could have sworn it said that the mobo was crossfire compatible, lol. But I'll have a look at the X38 chipsets.

  3. I would look at the Asus Maximus formula if I were you.
  4. The P35 should support Crossfire but not SLI, check the ASUS website to confirm though
  5. I believe P35 is SLI and x38 is xfire.
  6. P35 is crossfire no sli support on intel boards, one slot is 16x while the other is only 4x
    the x38 is 16x in both slots with a third at 4x i believe
  7. Deathbybubba is correct.

    If you want Crossfire, pick a board that has two 8x slots - otherwise performance will suffer.
  8. Thanks guys, I've looked around at the x38 chipsets, pricy boards but they are well worth the money. I'm heading towards the Asus P5E iX38. Looks good and offers **** loads of features especially the overclocking features.

    Cheers again ;)
  9. you will have no need for q6600.
  10. Why's that?
  11. I've not had good luck with Dominator ram. Get pc6400 Ballistix

    Might also check out this power supply;

  12. A close friend of mine said his dominator ram performs phenomanlly @ 1150 mhz and 4-4-4-8 latency timings ^^ i was looking at that psu beforehand and i have read some very good reviews on them.
  13. don't do crossfire get on sli 2x8800gt it should last you ages for gaming especially when more and more games will benefit from sli
  14. I don't like the 8800GT because of the bad coolers. HD 3870 Crossfire or 8800 GTS G92 SLI would be really nice though. Make sure you get a case with very good cooling.
  15. darthmaulsmate said:
    don't do crossfire get on sli 2x8800gt it should last you ages for gaming especially when more and more games will benefit from sli

    No way! 1 8800 GT is faster then 1 3870. But, 2 3870's are faster then 2 8800GT's. This is because crossfire scales much, much better then SLI. A bonus is that 2 3870's end up being much cheaper and energy efficient.
  16. 8800GT doesnt have a bad cooler. The stock fan speed is set low for sum dumb reason. Just turn it up in ntune which is in the nvidia drivers. Dont be dumb
  17. This is the compelling argument which I still need to agree on, SLI or Crossfire and which would benefit me alot more. As babybudha said, I'm aware that Xfire scales a s*** load better than SLI does. I'm still trying to decide what to go for tbh, I have the money, just need to make my mind up ;p

    Cheers for the input guys ;)
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