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If I purchase a Linksys Router and all the other necessary equipment -will a Windows 2000 computer be able to connect via the router with the internet and the Windows XP computer that I am using?? I need to know this before I actually go out and buy one - then find out that Windows 2000 is not compatible....and if so, which model do I need ???
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  1. Routers are independent of the operating system. Even if the CD which comes with the router won't work, you just address the router's user interface via Internet Explorer and set it up. If in doubt download the manual from Linksys before you buy.

    You need to worry more about whether the wireless adapter you buy will work with Win2k -- again check for drivers on the manufacturer's site before buying.
  2. Thank you for your advice - I assume that buying an adapter the same brand as the router would help. Any advice as to which brand would work the best in this situation? I intend to install the adapter rather than use a USB type as I believe that might work better, but again I don't know that for sure?? Any advice on that as well ??
  3. It may make life simpler to stick with one brand for consistency of terminology and passphrase translation.

    More important if you go for 802.11n spec as these models may not be entirely standardised between brands.

    If you have choice go for PCI -- USB is not so well regarded.
  4. Thank you for your help ---- I definitely feel more confident now in purchasing my router and adapter !!
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