Which drive to format windows on.

Hey everyone

I currently have this mobo Asus Nforce4 P5NSLI. now i want to purchase this hdd http://www.ebuyer.com/product/143288
i'm aware it's sata II interface and I think it's compliant with my mobo let me know otherwise please.

now my current hdd is already formatted with xp and this is it http://discountechnology.com/Maxtor-6V250F0-SATA-Hard-Drive

my question is should i just add the samsung hdd and just format it quick on windows like you do with your partitions on your hdd or should i re-install windows on the new samsung drive.

I would prefer to have the maxtor hdd as it is and use the samsung as the back up for movies/games/music. but if there is a huge performance increase from using the samsung as the main (C:) drive let me know please.

Also I heard about setting up raid 0 but i think that requires me to format which i have done recently if you can give me more info on that that would be great

Thanks for reading my thread I look forward to hearing from you.
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  1. You can use maxblast software to make an exact copy of your old hardrive, and make the new one the new boot drive. Do this while windows in running off your old drive.
  2. oh thanks am confused how is that done exactly?
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