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I am trying to play this game on my laptop and i have some problems.
My cpec. are Dell laptop CPU core2duo t7100 2GB ram and 8600mGT and vista home 32 bit that came with the laptop.
When i first started the game it warned me about the drivers and said that i have to have the forceware drivers and it gave a link to go on nvidia's site, but i cant install any forceware drivers because this is laptop version of the GPU. Nvidia's site doesn't have drivers for this GPU but i have the latest drivers from dell's web site.
The game starts and i can go throught the menu but when i try to start the campaign i crashes.
Anyone have played this game on a laptop?, Does this game support any laptop GPU or not?
Pls answer i really want to play this game.
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  1. Get a console then
    PORTABILE WITH crippled 3D acceleration

    choose only one please
  3. Consoles are a waste of money unless you are buying it solely for a line of games. The idea of consoles was concepted early because the modern consumer couldn't afford the parts to build their own gaming system, so business' exploited this fact and developed "low" budget gaming boxes.

    Buying consoles perpetuates the business' into anally raping you.

    "Hey, would you like to buy this wireless adapter for $99.96; its for sale, 0.03 off."
  4. mmm I looked on the nvidia site seems they dont even have a driver at all!

    You could try installing one of the desktop drivers and see if that works, they are basically the same card so it may work, worth a try.
  5. Equally, notebooks for high end gaming are also a complete waste of money
  6. Only showing the 8700 for me (and beta drivers)
  7. maybe you don't get to play that game on that machine.
    my toyota corolla won't qualify for nascar, we have a similar problem.
  8. Dell have to get the drivers from Dell, unless you can find ones from another third party...not nVidia. Dell drivers have something written to look for the BIOS of the Dell licensed graphics card and reject the driver if it isn't from Dell.

    I have had this happen and am stuck with the old and outdated driver for my 9300 Inspiron 6800 GO.
  9. firetatoo said:
    maybe you don't get to play that game on that machine.
    my toyota corolla won't qualify for nascar, we have a similar problem.

    lol. yeh. but u can drive ur corolla in nascar track all alone. :)
  10. ^Not if you want them thinking you are a terrorist.
  11. Is your Gears of War patched to the latest version?
  12. My brother's laptop has the same issue, what i did to solve it was to skip it.I treid the whole modified driver bit but his other games started to perform poorly. Basically i think the game is hell bent on that driver number and thats it.He can play the game now , be sure though to get the latest driver from your laptop manufacturer.

    P.S. he has the same card as you.
  13. I can't install forceware drivers it says it's not compatible with my card. I downloaded and installed the latest drivers from laptopvideo2go but i still have the same problem.
    I have also the latest drivers from dell's site but they don't work either, and they are a bit old
    its nVidia 156.55 Vista-32bits Driver for G86/G84 and the release date is 10/31/2007
    Both nvidia and dell have pour video driver support for the laptop GPU's
    Question at koss64:Tell me how did you modified the driver so i can try to do it.
    And i don't have the latest patch but i am going to get it and try it.
  14. Using 169.28 for Vista 32 as my example, in the link provided, under where it says "nVIDIA ForceWare X 169.28 for Windows Vista 32bit" there are a couple of links. 'Driver' and 'Modded INF'.

    Driver is self explanitory, download this and run it. It will ask to be extracted to a folder. If you've run the setup and it can't find compatible hardware, then you will need to download the 'Modded INF' and place this in the folder where the driver was extracted, overwriting the one there.

    When you run setup next, it will use this file and should detect your card.
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