Raid0 defrag issue

Hope I've got the right forum for this question.

Anyway, I've got two 73G raptors in Raid0 on my machine (running XP SP3).

Its been awhile so I went to defrag the drive, did the analyze, and sure enough it needed it - have
11% total fragmentation, 22% file fragmentation.

But when I go to actual do the defrag, it starts up, runs for a few minutes and kicks out - along with a note that some files could not be defrag'd. When I look at the report, the fragmentation %'s haven't changed - but it does not list any files that couldn't be defrag'd. Weird.

Anybody ever seen this and have any clues as to how to correct it??

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  1. Windows defragger is hopeless... Try something like Ultimate defrag a go, its free too ;)
  2. OR a Norton Utility, works pretty well, its been 8 yrs that i defrag whit my norton 2000 utility.
  3. Thanks -
    Prior to seeing this I downloaded diskeeper 2008 pro - its a free 30 daytrial. Worked pretty well - not sure if I'll buy it after though. I'll definetly checkout Ultimate defrag.

    Thanks again.
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