Need Help on How 2 Fix This

Ya I went 2 install windows xp, 4 my first time on sata & I accidently didnt see the part were ur supposed to push F6, too install the drivers from the floppy. So windows installed on my sata like it does for the ide drives, now I dont know how to remove it or install the drivers.

Im using a Asus Maximus Formula & Ive tried to push the delete button to run setup & it does nothing & the tab to enter the bios, wich turns aroun & shows press F8 for BBS pop up, wich wont work & Alt & F2 to execute Asus Ez Flash wich wont work either & it shows me that my hard drive is installed as an Ide.

All I keep seing at the title screen is no ide hard drive detected press F1 to continue & it takes me to windows that I installed wich wont run right.

Can U people Please help me out // lol // with my dumb first time install sata mistake. Thanks

Ps. I didnt know if I shoud put the hard drive into my pc & format it that way, but I didnt know if it will have an issue of it being installed, cause on my Ide pc my hard drives are all messed up I cant use them on master or slave, I can use either 1 on of my 2 Ide hard drives only on Cs wich dont even really wanna run right, if u people can help me out with that problem out as well I would really appreciate it thanks. Need Help Please
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  1. i've never heard of that happening, but i don't think it's a huge problem.
    Just pop your xp cd in again and install windows all over again, make sure to install the SATA drivers, and format the disk.

    it should be fine after that.

    your bios says there is no IDE hard disk detected..because there isn't one. That's fine.
    There may be a setting in the BIOS to turn off the detection of the IDE disk. you may want to do that to get rid of the message - if you don't have IDE optical drives.
  2. does anyone else think there is nothing wrong and he should just leave it?

    windows has no effect on getting into the bios, probably something to do with an usb keyboard or something. If windows loaded, it found drivers for the SATA drive (probably set to mimic IDE in bios)

    I'm not too sure about the above statements--- just throwing out my thoughts
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