RAID 0 issues, cant remove third hard drive

hi all. Ive been having some issues. with a RAID '0' settup i created just last week.
I created it on to 2 x Seagate 7200.11 32mb cache. identical drives. pluged into a
m2n-Sli-Deluxe motherboard (Nvidia 570i Chipset).

This was the first time that i had installed a raid. and made a slight booboo
by creating the raid and installing widows vista 32bit, with another hard drive
(750gb Samsung 32mb cache) installed with it. i was only using the 750
as a data backup so i could move files across from one install to another.

When i removed the 750gb drive the computer stopped booting. asking for a system disc to be installed.
it took a while to get the RAID rebuilt. and in the end, the only way i could boot was using the vista cd
to, ix the startup of the os.

now, the question.
how do i pull the 750out again (its not my HDD)
and how do i get it to boot normally again. without needing a vista cd to repair the boot
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  1. Check your BIOS. Most BIOS have settings to alter the list of devices it tries to boot from. Make sure your RAID array on the list. Most motherboards that have more than one hdd controller will allow you to change the default hdd controller to boot form.

    Look for these options under the BOOT menu of your BIOS.

    You may have have to repair the MBR one more time once you correct the setting in the BIOS.
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