DVD-R with blue status light?

Okay I might be a little OCD here but my entire case is blue except the status light on my DVD-R, a Samsung 22x, which just so happens to be green. I know I don't use it very often but it really irks me. I've searched NewEgg and the product description and customer reviews don't really say what color the status lights are...

So, anyone know of a DVD-R that uses a blue light instead of the typical green? Or anyway I can change it myself? I wonder if it is just a simple LED.

Thanks. I hope I am not the only one like this.
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  1. Haha, that is kinda OCD. I've never seen a blue light on a cd/dvd drive, just green, red or orange. You might be able to solder a blue one to replace it, but odds are you'd just break the drive. If it really bugs you then cover over the led with black tape, or paint. But that might just be worse for the ODC. :kaola:
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