Do i need Apple application software for my vista

Hello, do i need all apple applicatins on my windows vista it keeps popping up that there are new, apple software but i think that is why my computer is going offline all the time is that a possiblility, i dont use quick time or tunes do i need apple for any other reason want to uninstall. thank you, Joan
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  1. Hi. It appears that you have somehow installed some Apple software. I personally don't like the invasive way Apple places it Apple Update Installer into your Startup Applications and runs at every reboot and in the background afterwards.

    If you are sure and don't use any of those programs mentioned in your post go to "Control Panel", 'Programs and Features' (Classic View) and look for any Apple programs the uninstall them, leaving the Apple update Installer for last.

    Your other issue could be something else, but I'm not a user of Apple products. You didn't give much information on the offline issue. I did come across this...

    If you are using something to this effect, then let Apple update. Though I would still look for Quicktime and ITunes to uninstall it. If you do use something as in the link provided then do not uninstall the Apple Update.

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