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Hi all , I've been thinkng about getting some external storage for quite some time now . And came across the NAS sollution. I have been considering to use it to store my music films games Os backups etc on it(generaly because i need to reformat and my Hd is filling up also.). just wondering if it would be appropiate , or a external HD will be better. Im looking for a 500GB one around the £70 mark. Im not really fussed about "Brands" But need something that's reliable and relativly fast. I've also heard some of them support Torrent download while The Pc is turned off? Could this also be applied for a download manager so i can Download of a FTP HTTP(rapidsahre) without my PC on?

Heat really isnt a issue as it would'nt be used consistantly.
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  1. Heya,

    You don't need NAS. You just need an external hard drive. You can get a 500gig one very cheap. You can get 1tb one for cheap too. I just got a 1tb WD green drive external for eSATA/USB for $119 from Newegg, with free shipping. That's cheaper than your £70 budget even. So think about that.

    I would only consider NAS when you have so much data that you simply can't keep it on one or two big externals. NAS is for when you have several things accessing one set of data. If you're just on one computer, you don't need NAS--just get an external drive. Again, NAS is most useful for several PC's that want to access one set of data, where a single external drive isn't going to be wanting to be plugged in and out of each PC randomly as you move around or as people want access. That's why it's Network Accessible Storage, ie, you put it on a network with the idea that several machines will access it--pointless for one computer to use.

    Very best,
  2. Hey Thanks for the response and adding the pro's and con's of the two solutions i think i will go with your suggestion. As there will only be My Pc and laptop accessing it. Rather than than my sister and parents. As i live the UK New egg isn't appropiate but I'm sure sites like overclockers uk and ebuyer etc will provide them.

    Thanks yet again.
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