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Free recovery disk 64-bit windows recovery disk for gateway dx4200-09

my computer crashed and i lost everything even thehard drive. so now i can't recover the ting for my computer i need, looking for the disk to get the computer up and running again. i had the 64 bit vista version on my dx4200-09 gateway system. is there any disk out there ?
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    Here are two links to help...

    In whatever link you choose to use, you will need a few things as a working computer with a cd/dvd burner and you will have to set in your BIOS to have Windows boot in Drive D or E as the first choice in the set of boot priority. Read over both articles in the links provided (I used the neosmart one personally) to get all the information needed, then choose what link to use to proceed.

  2. The disks from neosmart aren't free. To get hold of a free recovery disk, you'd either have to go for piracy, or follow this tutorial how to build a Vista install disk from free downloads from microsoft.
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