Gaming PC need opinion (reccomend upgrades Please!!)

I am upgrading my pc, i already have all of the other components. DVD, Sound card, case, fans, etc.

Are these all good upgrades, what do you think is my estimated fps in some newer games, and how will they run, and do you see any room for upgrade, I want to keep it under 450-500$
COOLER MASTER eXtreme RP-500-PCAR ATX from factor 12V V2.01 500W Power Supply 110 - 115V/220 - 230V
Nemko, TUV, cUL, CE, BSMI, FCC, CCC - Retail
ddr2 800 corsair (2x1gb) (2 sets)
amd 3.2 dual core 6400+ black edition
Foxconn MOBO

Please check these out and rate, I need some opinions, I am also looking at putting either ad hd3850 512mb or an 8800gt 256mb in it.

I am also looking at playing at either 1024 on a 17 in. monitor or 1366 on an lcd 26"

If you have any suggestions on how to make it better feel free to post, flame if you must, because i need all of the input I can get
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  1. You're not gonna overclock. That build is fine. Not sure about the mobo's phenom compatibility. I would check out foxconn site.
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