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Hi all,
just wondering what's peoples opinion on this card. Getting a new card and was initially leaning towards XFX because they have 25% larger fan on the 8800GT, which would make it quieter. However, I've found that Gainward have released an 8800gt with dual slot cooler which is supposed to be the quietest 8800GT out there.

Gainward have released 2 versions, 512Mb and 1Gb. I've read on other forums that poeple belive that the 1Gb is overkill and no use. However, since I play everything at 1920x1080 on a 40" LCD, would it be beneficial for me to go with the 1GB version?

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  1. Hello mate :)
    for that resolution u will benefit from 1GB, so go for the 1GB version
  2. Though I haven't seen any specific benches on the 8800GT 1 gb card, it most likely would be better at the resolution you use, just as Maziar wrote. Same as comparing a HD 2900 512 mb and 1gb cards. The larger the monitor, the more power it sucks up.
  3. Cheers guys, think I'll go for the 1Gb!
  4. Good luck with it! I had nothing but bad experiences with gainward when i bought a video card from them years ago and they wouldnt take a defective one back.
  5. Found this review today. Totally confused now, 1GB is good for some games abd actually bad for others!
  6. Dont worry, for 1920x1200 and higher more memory is needed
    also i dont trust that review its not from a reliable site
  7. ^Agreed.
  8. I agree also. There's something totally wrong in the reported numbers.
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