ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe, Phenom 9600 freezes

I bought an ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe motherboard, and installed an AMD Phenom 9600, u run it at stock clock.

My system freezes when running the following applications: 3Dmark 06 (whole suite only, individual batches of tests run fine), SIS soft Sandra (radnom), AMD Overdrive utiliy (allmost everytime), cpu-z (all versions, and allmost every other time), WPrime (allmost every time), and i cant install AMD cool n quite or ASUS probe PC utility because of a "Failed to install I/O driver" error message. 3D mark freezes between loading tests, when it scans for system configuration.

Allso cpu-z does not detect my FSB rating, and my memory. These are screenshots from cpu-z

I have flashed my BIOS version to v.0801, and i have reset my RTC in CMOS.

My rig is>
ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe
AMD Phenom 9600
ASUS 8800GTS 640
Audigy 2
2x1GB DDR2 667 PQI
PSU - Deluxe 550W (ASUS reccomends a 600W min)
I suspect theres something wrong with the System I/O chip, but im not an expert, so pls. help out.

P.S. the machine can run crysis for hours without a glitch.

Pls. help out.
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  2. i had this problem before...but not with was intel 3.0ghz...anyway i think the cpu is fine. they way i solved it is by disabling most of the I/O shield parts (sound/ethernet...etc) and then run the tests...if everything worked fine then enable those parts one by one...after each one run the tests again till u pin-point the failed my case it was the soundcard.
    Asus had lots of I/O issues in the past...but i thought they fixed it.
  3. Thanx, oh and not to forget, my RAM isnt listed in the Manual supported RAM for my mother board by ASUS. I have 2 x 1 GB DDR2 667 PQI,
  4. OK, i managed to fix the problem or so it seems so far.

    The cure appears to be a utility called Marvel Raid Utility, once i disabled it everything started working fine. 3Dmark06, cpu-z, WPrime, SuperPi, everything, that in paralel with all background apps opened and active. Funny, could be that because i dont have two or more HDD's, that the utility cept looking for raid and cause havock, atleast thats my lamens reasoning.

    As long as everything works. Ill post if i expirience any changes or futher crashes.
  5. NO deal, the motherboard still freezes!!!

    I turned off the Marvel raid utility, i turned of the onboard soundcard, it still just freezes at random, under Vista and XP... last time it froze was during Diablo II, i mean common, theres no way that game can stress my machine?! so can it be a faulty BIOS revision, or do i really have a defective mobo.??
  6. i got the same board but a 9500 and i get freezes, BSod's constantly under vista. i dont have xp to try but it takes me 3 boot attempts to get into vista everytime i start my computer. freezes at the load bar, freezes load programs at start up then its all fine. cant figure it out. plus i get the random ingame ....... has encounted and error and needs to close (replace ....... with any game)
  7. i too have the same problem
    similar rig....
    amd phenom 9600
    asus m3a32mvp
    asus en8800gts
    gigabyte800w ps
    have you guys checked out the bios setting under the pcie?
    try maxxing out your watts that the vid cards are allowed (0-255)
  8. i managed to get the system working fine by changing the video cards around, only problem is i dont want to have to downgrade my ASUS en8800gts. seems like the power settings for pcie is holding this mobo back or perhaps im just setting it wrong, if someone with this mobo has got it working with either the Aeh3870x2 or the en8800gts plz post your bios settings for the pcie sections
  9. Hello I have an ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe/wifi with a phenom 9500 and I receive the same freezes. I have a Asus 3870 graphic card so... I supose it;s a problem from the processor or mobo... but I cant realize where is it. I have read about some L3 cache problem on R2 revision processor but I dont know this is the problem?? Let's find out ppl what is wrong here...

    PS: I was playing Crysis and no problem ... no freeze nothing, I manage to finish it .. but when I pun the NFS last Pro Street I received 2 days 2 blocking... one of them it was with the graphic card fan on maximum and the fan keep running at the full speed but no response from the keyboard ... try to put on sleep ... nothing...
  10. I also have an ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe/wifi with an AMD 6000+ and HD
    3870 video card. Bios 0801

    And my PC crashes every 2nd time i launch Overdrive, occasionally crashes when launching Winamp, and i have woken up to a black no-responsive system a couple of times as well.
    My Cool`N`Quiet doesnt work at all.

    However, the system has never crashed during gaming or stress.
  11. You guys must of missed all the Posts about Phenom being busted. Well thats the price you pay for being loyal to a inferior company. RMA and get yourself an Intel setup!
  12. * roadrunner197069 You guys must of missed all the Posts about Phenom being busted. Well thats the price you
    * pay for being loyal to a inferior company. RMA and get yourself an Intel setup!

    I bought a Pentium Prescott e0 stepping when it came out. It froze up on me too.
    Finally gave up on it and replaced it with an AMD 64 3700.

    Now don't be telling me that Intel is better then AMD. Intel chips consume more watts then AMD chips. Intel's also cost more to purchase!

    No one knows yet what is wrong with the Phenom platform. Some work perfectly, others do not.
    There's a reason for everything. Wait for the dust to settle.
  13. Yeah, this does not sound like a processor issue. This sounds like a Motherboard issue. I would try to just RMA it and or return it and get something else.

    There may be something with the processor (any Phenom) with that board. That seems like one of the main same differences.

    This is my two cents on this, I will let you guys know if I find a answer.
  14. I also have a similar setup.
    Asus M3A32 deluxe wifi
    9500 phenom,
    nvidia 8500GT PCI-E(The Asus Heatsink one)
    two barracudas on raid 0 and one WD also raid 0
    Also got two M-audio soundcards on it (PCI).

    I was worried that it might be a bit ambitious to these workin with somethin deemed problematic but I haven't really had any problems installing any of the 3 XP Partitions. However I have noticed that.
    On a cold switch on, the computer doesn't start unless i reset.
    The Wifi is a pain as disabling it can sometimes interfere with any firewall monitoring as well as block the cable lan. Also When wifi is on the computer is extremely slow (glad i don't need it). I have disabled the onboard soundcard but didn't have problems when i originally installed it. The only problem I found installin XP was with the network adapters, and it didn't look like xp's fault. Also if you happen to embed sata drivers on xp as well as the chipset, well... reinstalling the chipset seemed to cause problems. There also seem to be slight fluctuations in voltage levels. CPUZ, marvell, fancy games, audio sequencers, bizarre audio plugins, all workin fine for me. I haven't tried vista tho. voltages might be an issue, maybe your mobo is slightly defective; Are you sure you've got a power supply that can deal with somethin that is as others also seem to say challenged on voltage regulations;. Good luck, so far I think this is a very good system to stick to.
  15. Might also be worth mentioning that i found some articles about problems with some ram brands. I'm using a pair of Corsair 1024 6400 (800Mhz) which asus recommends, cpuid mentions the correct model but rates them at 400Mhz, the power supply is Nesteq 620W (84% efficiency). More relevant tho, my system was freezing when I used 128Kb striping on the raid 0, repeatedly. So much that after three days of seeing the 'blue screen of death' and frozen windows (on two separate XP installations) I had to rebuild the array tried 64 KB striping. So 128 is no go area.
  16. My first thought is the memory, see if you had any luck getting another memory, steal one from your friend just to check. Swap the memory and see if it's working.

    2nd thought, It could be the problem with the PSU. If you had any chance try to swap your PSU with bigger PSU (maybe steal again from one of your friends :)). I think the GTS is quiet demanding for power, and also the audigy of yours.

    Let us know the result, it's good for future reference.
  17. I've bought this motherboard a few days ago; here's my configuration and my experience with the board:
    ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe/Wifi
    Phenom 9500
    2x1024MB Corsair Dominator PC8500
    GForce 8800GT
    2x 250G Seagate drives, RAID0 on the Marvell controller
    750G Samsung F1 drive
    Antec P182 case
    PSU - NorthQ from my previous machine, ???Watts, The antec case requires long cables on the PSU to be installed correctly, not all PSUs will fit.

    Linux: Ubuntu installed on the Samsung drive. Install went smoothly, machine froze at boot after installation; rebooted with noacpi and upgraded kernel, this fixed it. Powernow freezes the machine if started immediately after a cold start of the machine.
    The wifi does not work under Linux. The Marvell controller does not work if configured with a RAID array.

    Vista: will not install if AHCI is enabled, despite what asus claims about the 0801 bios. After install the registry can be modified and AHCI can be enabled again. The AMD overdrive tool will freeze the machine if any changes are made. Wifi can be enabled but will result in one core being utilized >90% constantly. Wifi will not connect to any network and if configured as AP, it is not possible to locate it with other machines.
    The sound is choppy with iTunes but works fine with windows media player.

    Overall I'm not impressed with the board at the moment.
  18. I have had the same problems I have
    phenom 9600 black
    4gb Corsair Dominator pc 8500
    W D 150gb

    I did some searching and found that the bios is the problem I flashed back to version 603 and set ai overclock to manual
    my system has been running for 2 weeks now with 0 problems
  19. It looks like Asus released a bios update for this board - 0902.
  20. Can someone explain where the BIOS went ?

    i already got it, but why isnt it at the page anymore ?
  21. You can update the latest BIOS 0902 on the website to fix it!

    Check out this thread, for all you running an ASUS M3Axxx board. im running an M3A32-MVP Deluxe and it helped me gain some stability, i still get freezes but rarely and only when i start up a testing program.
    Also i wouldn't be surprised if it's a problem related to the old SB600, or something related to current Phenom BE voltage control. I don't know if any one with a B3 stepping Phenom has the same issues, or if ppl with Athlon x2s have the problem.
  23. M3A32-MVP Deluxe WiFi
    BIOS 0801
    Hiper 880 Watt PSU
    Corsair Twin 2X4096-6400C5DHX G ram
    Athlon X2 6400+ BE @ 3.5 Water Cooled idle 28 load 34 deg.
    NVidia 9800 GTX Driver ver 174.74
    Windows XP PRO 64 bit OS
    Mem timings 5 5 5 18 23 command rate 1
    DDR voltage @ 1.8
    CPU core @ 1.35
    System stable no problems
    Previous ram used was Corsair Twin2X2048-6400C4DHX G
    Timings 4 4 4 12 18 command rate 1 @1.8 also stable
    The board does seem fussy about the type of ram used other than that it runs like a dream.
  24. IsDouglas

    Two areas of concern about your setup:

    ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe
    AMD Phenom 9600
    ASUS 8800GTS 640
    Audigy 2
    2x1GB DDR2 667 PQI
    PSU - Deluxe 550W (ASUS reccomends a 600W min)
    I suspect theres something wrong with the System I/O chip, but im not an expert, so pls. help out.

    P.S. the machine can run crysis for hours without a glitch.

    Pls. help out.

    I think the RAM needs to be either 800 or 1066 for Phenom CPU to match increased HT speeds on Phenom.

    PSU probably lacks an 8 point ATX power input. At 550W it's probably a little light on, so not delivering stable power to CPU. I think this is enough to experience the stability issues you are having.

    see below

    My system freezes when running the following applications:

    3Dmark 06 whole suite only - CPU tests
    SIS soft Sandra (radnom), - Memory throughput
    AMD Overdrive utiliy (allmost everytime), - CPU intensive
    cpu-z (all versions, and allmost every other time), - CPU intensive
    WPrime (allmost every time), - CPU intensive
    and i cant install AMD cool n quite - CPU switching

    If you have a single core AM2 around you might try to see if the problems disappear.

    Below is a gamers experience of under performing PSU playing Crysis:

    "Exeakiel -> Horrifying performance in Crysis (3/30/2008 2:57:26 AM)

    Where to begin? I've had nothing but trouble with this computer. First I ordered a pair of XFX Alpha Dog 8800GTs, little did I know, they fought in every way to do me wrong. Both cards were broken, or had a defect; RMAed, blah blah. Picked up a pair of EVGA SC 8800GTs, put them in SLI, got horrid performance because they were being downclocked due to "insufficient power".
  25. I have this same board. I am having no problems. Try flashing the the latest bios 1002. I have gskill ram ddr2 800 @ 4 4 4 12 installed. There have been 4 diff bios on this board.
  26. hiiii
    plz some help
    my pc M.b:asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe-wifi
    cpu:phenom 9500
    vga:ati hd 3870 xpert vision
    ram:1gb pc800
    i was happy when i had this pc but it getting hot very fast specially during game like beowulf,call of duty4 .i suspect with vga card but when i test it on my freind cpu it was great and heat didnt axceed 60 c by any way.althout i found it on my pc 57 without any playing and tempreture reach 70c and more on game ,almost time it stop
    i was surprised when i found my the tempreture of my motherbord is 50c and proccesor 48c although i didnt do any overclock with my system
    i flashed my bord with new bios 1102
    so plzzzzzzzzzzz help me
    thank u
  27. I my self am getting freeze ups and crashes but when I first bought the M2N32-SLi Deluxe Wifi I had A PSU 500w and it was not enough to run SLi so I got the BFG 650w and it ran great till now. I get Blue Screen of Death and some aps stop. This all occured when I took out 1gig of RAM to bring it to 2gig so my brother could use it for his new board so I ran memtest86+ 2.01 and found out I had 10 bad sectores on each stick.

    So two things should be checked is your PSU I recommend not using a cheap PSU either, and run a memtest86 you may have bad sectores as I do now.
  28. I've been running the M3A32 since December and this board has been nothing but stable for me. Up until last week I was running the first bios released (0503 I beleive). I upgraded to fix an ESATA problem. Running Bios 1102 now and things have been stable. My only problem has been now that I added 2 ATI HD 4850's my power supply doesn't seem to be up to the task. I currently have a 700 watt PSU but its a cheap brand. If your continually having freeze ups / resets, it could be a heat issue or a PSU issue. I would check your processor and video card temps. I've found ASUS probe to be a great utility, this helped me track down the problem to my PSU. Ran AMD Overdrive stress test for about 30 minutes straight with no problems then the ASUS probe alarms went off. I was thinking it was a heat issue but it ended up the power on my 12v rail plummeted after the PSU heats up enough.

    Also, if you are not using it be sure to deactivate the Wi-Fi in the bios.... Even if you are using it I would probably switch the Wi-Fi off and try an external or PCI Card adaptor as the Wi-Fi on this bored is nothing but trouble.

    From December thru June I was running Windows XP Media Center and it ran flawlessly. In June I upgraded to Vista and so far it runs better than XP.

    My Specs:
    M3A32 Deluxe Wi-Fi
    Athlon X2 6000+ (3.0ghz per core)
    4x gigs DDR2 800mhz Ram
    2x ATI Radeon HD 4850's (Crossfired)
    1x Happauge HD TV Tuner
    1x Seagate 750 gig HDD
    1x Western Digital 1 Ter HDD
    1x External 500 gig ESATA HDD
    4x Lite-on DVD Burners
    2x 17 inch Samsung LCD's
    1x 22 Inch LG LCD
    Ultra 700 Watt PSU (Replacing With a Thermal Take ToughPower 750 Watt Crossfire Certified PSU)
    Windows Vista 64 Bit Ultimate
    Enough Case Fans to make a vacuum sound quiet
  29. Sorry, double posted.
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