X38 Crossfire or 680/780 SLi?

K, so I'm planning my new build. I have done some research and have found out the following.

Only ATI offers cards with DirectX 10.1 and shader 4.1. And they suck. But as I can get 2 HD3870 for under 600 all in that seems like a not so bad way to go.

Only x38 mobos seems to be ready for the new/ next 9 serise intel chips. (yes I have the money to get get one.) And they are the only ones with 1600 FSB. And can handle DDR3.

Soon there will be a 780 nvidia mobo but reports are it will really be a fancy 680 that can handle the new intel chips. But the best FSB seems to be 1333. Also I have heard conflicting reports on its DDR3 status. But then I can run 2 8800 GTS 512's. Also the next gen nVidia cards (9serise) are due out in Feb and I am hoping for good stuff like HDCP support in upper level cards. I can maybe wait till feb but would rather not.

Why those cards? Because I do alot of BR/ HD DVD viewing on my plasma and would like to get vcards that can do the decoding themselves rather than put the load on my cpu. ( I tend to have several things going on at once)

I like games but they are secondary. I would still like to run things like Crysis (thats what sparked this) on better than Med settings though.

So my question is am I gonna regret going the 680/780 route that won't handle DDR3 and has the slower FSB or have more regrets by limiting myself to ATI cards.

I am hopping to NOT have to overclock this system (too much) like my current one is.


Thanks for the input!
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  1. Personally I think the x38 is a safer choice, as there is a good chance the 780i motherboards will most likely still be plagued by all the issues of the 680i boards, like the "squeaky cpu" and such. Odds are these issues won't be apparent till you start reading newegg reviews in 6 months, but they're bound to be there. Though if SLI is a must, you don't really have much choice. Frankly I'd wait to compare ATI and nvidia's high end cards when they come out. Also keep in mind that the gains in CF are higher than those in SLI, so while nvidia's high end might perform better stand alone, performance will most likely be equal in multi-gpu setups.
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