Double 00 after post screen

next doors pc has had an interesting issue and i am stumped for once!
they have a packard bell desktop on vista.
on boot up after the post screen monitor displays a screen full of double oo then moves on to vista load page and then just get stuck after 20 min or so screen go blank. now i know the HD is not at fault as i have booted it from my pc and is fine apart from beening vista!

any ideas to what is the problem?
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  1. Hi. I don't know if your're talking about a BSOD or not. Have you tried to restart Vista in Safemode and when you come to that Options screen choose "Start Windows with the last configuration that worked". If this doesn't do it, then chose a "Repair" at the Safemode Options screen.
    It sounds like a driver issue. Has your neighbor installed anything or update anything right before the issue appeared?

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