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I am unable to see Hard drive temperatures or SMART info on my hard drives within Windows. I am currently using Windows Vista x64 and and have all my HDDs hooked up to my 680i mobo. Why is this? Is this a problem with the 680i, Vista x64, or both? I am assuming it has to do with the x64 drives, but I haven't been able to find others with this problem. Any help would be wonderful.

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  1. Speedfan lets You see smart info. The key is that it needs to be run with administrator priviledges.
  2. I should have been more clear. The problem is that programs like Speedfan, HDTune, Everest, etc., only seem to be able to get HDD info directly from the OS, and not from the controller. Speedfan does not recognize any of my harddrives (the drop down menu is blank), and HDTune doesn't report any temperatures. Everest can't report model, serial number, temperature, etc. This is my problem.
  3. I had the same problem with speedfan. It seems that vista-64 keeps a program from accessing information in some areas unless it is running in administrator mode. In administrator mode, the dropdown menu will appear blank, but if you drop down, you will see your hard drive/s. Select it and you will see the smart data.

    Also, SMART capability must be enabled in the bios.
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