Are solid caps motherboards worth it?


My Asus P5W broke down after a year and I decided to get a new one. The reason why I don’t want to RMA the Asus P5W is because I already sent back this motherboard before and I don’t want to bother doing it a second time.

As a extra note, my Asus P5W was set up a technician at stock speeds.

So down to the point.

I am looking for a motherboard that performs solidly and won’t break down. I also want a good price and to avoid having components I don’t need.

So I came down to two motherboards.

First is the Gigabyte N650SLI-DS4L Nforce 650I with solid state capacitors.

Second is the XFX Nforce 650I Ultra Conroe LGA775 with electrolyte capacitors
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  1. Quite some time ago, a manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors stole the formula from a another high quality one. The problem was, they didn't get it right and as a result the caps would burst. This bad formula is still floating around to this day. Solid state do not have this problem. There are still good capacitor makers out there, you just have to make sure the component you buy does not have the bad ones.

    Generally speaking, solid state last longer than electrolytic capacitors. I do not remember, but I though there was a con to using solid caps.
    Again I do not remember what if any it was.
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