Galaxy 8800Gt

I just purchased this

I am thinking I should of gone the 8800 gts ssc for $100 more. Should I? Or should I just be happy with the kick ass deal on the 8800 gt I got and just OC it a bit?

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  1. Thats some kick ass deal - 8800GT 512MB 600Mhz & after market cooler (maybe?) for $209.99 CAD after rebate.
    I think you go with that great deal.

  2. NCIX US has that same video card for $217 after rebate.
  3. So should I just stick with the 8800 gt?
  4. ahh man.. thats a steal. from where i come from 88gt's are still $250
  5. Not only that it comes with the sweet ass cooler. The only downer is if you do get the nicer cooler, there's no Ramsinks on it :( LoL and I've read in other forums of people shaking in their boots about not having any sinks on the VR's, let alone no sinks on the Ram.
  6. I have yet to go over 60 degrees and that was overclocking =)
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