HD3850 and GA-MA69G-S3H, bad combination?

Hi folks,

I bought a few weeks a go a Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H together with a AMD Athlon64 X2 4000+ and 2 gigs of RAM.
That motherboard as on onboard graphicscard.

I got a Sapphire HD3850 PCIe card 10 days ago and the trouble begins. The system doesn't boot. I just got one long beep and two short beeps, which are indicating gfx probems.

At this time I only had a noname psu, which I replaced today with a be quiet straight power 450, but without a change.

Powersupply cable is connected to the card, it sits correct in the pcie slot. I tried both with and without enabled onboard graphics, no change.

Does anyone have a hint on what I can do to get the card working?

best regards,

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  1. Well since you got a bad post and you have changed the PSU, you probably need to reset the cmos and unplug the power sepply to get the board to rescan its hardware. Your new PSU doesnt look to impressive either. Your psu is the heart of your computer and if the heart dont pump enough blood the other components arent gonna get enough oxygen.
  2. It's possible you have a dead card. Try to use it in another PC if possible.
  3. Got an email from the gigabyte support. It seems to be a known problem. The board is somewhat incomptabile with the graphic card.
  4. mindtrap said:
    Got an email from the gigabyte support. It seems to be a known problem. The board is somewhat incomptabile with the graphic card.

    Sounds like a good way for a Gigabyte tech to say I dont know without saying it. did you reset cmos and unplug the psu to reset? Try with just one stick of ram also. Does the old graphics still work?
  5. actually, Ive got the same board but the gigabyte hd3850 and it's all sweet as, not had any problems at all.
    Everything runs awesomely well and im happy..have you checked sapphires support ? Or checked what bios version ure running..im using the f3 bios for the mb..
  6. @roadrunner: I cleared the cmos via setting the respective jumber. Is an CMOS reset somthing different? I didn't have a different pcie card, I former used the onboard card.

    @elo: Thats strange. Maybe I can swap the sapphire one to get the gigabyte.
  7. Does onboard still work?
  8. @roadrunner, yes as long as I dosn't disable the adapter. ;)
    Ever if its enabled the card isn't detected by Windows Vista.
  9. Give me a second to look four your manual
  10. Do you no what version your bios is? Im downloading manual right now.
  11. I updated to F5 today, without any effects.
  12. Ok here we go.

    Init Display First
    Specifies the first initiation of the monitor display from the installed PCI graphics card,
    PCI Express graphics card, or the onboard VGA.
    PCI Slot Sets the PCI graphics card as the first display. (Default)
    OnChipVGA Sets the onboard VGA as the first display.
    PEG Sets the PCI Express graphics card on the PCIE_16 slot as the first display.
    PEG1 Sets the PCI Express graphics card on the PCIE_4_1 slot as the first display.
    Enables or disables the SurroundView function. This option is configurable only if an ATI graphics
    card is installed. (Default: Disabled)
    Internal Graphics Mode
    Auto Outputs from the onboard VGA if no PCI Express VGA card is installed. Always
    outputs from the PCI Express VGA card when a PCI Express VGA card is
    installed. (Default)
    Disabled Always disables the onboard VGA, whether or not a PCI Express card is
  13. Set bios up like i have highlighted.
  14. Ignore PEG1 Just set PEG.
  15. You either fixed it or fell asleep?
  16. ?
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