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While looking through various mobos for a possible upgrade I noticed something that left me scratching my head but can't seem to find the answer. I'm sure the answer is easy to find but I guess I'm just missing it. All the mobo's whether AM2 or 775 have just 1 IDE connection as opposed to the older generation that had two to three. Why do manufactures still have one IDE connector when you need more to connect the HDD and the DVD/CD-Rom drives and you can't use IDE and SATA together normally? I know stupid question but I guess that's why these forums are here.
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  1. Use SATA harddrives, plenty of SATA headers provided on modern Motherboards. You can use SATA DVD(s) also and not even need the single IDE connector. If you do use the IDE connector, use it for IDE DVD units, not HDs. Few computers are built these days using IDE HD's as the primary drive. Sata harddrives are cheap.
  2. Dont need IDE now... going the way of floppy....

    Yep badge said it all.... SATA all the way...

    SATA-DVDR now....
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Appearently I may have been misinformed along the way by others. I just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly.

    Lets say I get a new mobo, take the old IDE DVD and CD-Rom drives and connect them to the IDE drive on the new board, then buy a new HDD (old one being a IDE) and connect that to the SATA drive and everything should work together?
  4. Yeah, you can use older IDE compatible CD/DVD drives on the single IDE MB connector (2 drives in Master/Slave config). Then buy a new SATA HD and load the OS on the SATA drive. That setup will work fine.
  5. yep, in fact most HDDs come with imaging software to move everything from the ide hdd to the sata.
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