Beginner Overclocker needs help.

Hello I just recently got a

E8400 CPU
Gigabyte EP35-DS3L motherboard
4 gig of DDR2-8000 G.Skill ram
Coolermaster 550 watt PSU
Coolermaster Centurion mid ATX case
Rosewill RCX-Z4 CPU cooler

I also have 2 120mm fans, one running from the back and the other running from the side.

First off I would like to give you guys my temperature readings on idle without overclocking.

Speedfan reads:

temp1: 42c
temp2: 30c
temp3: -2c
temp: 0
core1: 43c
core2: 44c

my Ambient temperature is about 75-80 farenheit.

Vcore1: 1.01v
vcore2: 1.92v
+3.3v: 3.31v
+5v: 4.87v
+12v: 0.96v
-12v: -16.80v
-5v: -8.48v
+5v: 5.03v
vbat: 3.14v

I would like to know if this is accurate and good for a brand new system? It seems a bit too hot for me. Would like a confirmation. I also did a stress test and both cores run at around 50-60 on 100% CPU load.

When I tried to overclock it to 3.6Gigahertz both cores were running at 58-60c on idle. A bit too hot for a simple change in the FSB from 333 to 424. Hope to hear back soon.
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  1. Its fine.
  2. roadrunner197069 said:
    Its fine.

    could you elaborate? do you think I can run it at 3.6 without damaging my CPU and causing freezes? from what I heard 58c is really hot for idle or am I wrong?
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