Q6600 G0 reading high temperatures help!

I just built my system and I noticed that the temperature on my CPU is reading 50C at idle and 85 and maybe a little over during full load? (when i'm playing TF2). Also the system temperature I'm getting is about 30~45C for system temperatures too.

These are the specs

CPU: Q6600 G0
Mobo: P5E Asus x38
Memory: Muskin 2x2gb 5-5-5-12
Graphic: 2 x Sapphire 3870 CF
PSU: Cosairs TX750W

I'm using a stock cpu heatsink but I've read that the temperatures should be much much lower than that. I didn't overclock or anything. There wasn't alot of thermal paste on the heatsink, not enough to cover entire cpu. What do i do?
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  1. More then likely, you prolly don't have all 4 pins secured on the HSF. It's basically a common problem. It might be a pain, but to be sure you have the HSF install properly, you'll need to take the MB out of the case and look at the back:

    Here's a video to watch as well:

    Intel CPU Install
  2. The 4 pins are tightly secured, but looking at the video, it seems that mine had less than half of the thermal paste. It had a octagon sort of shape on it. Is that enough?
  3. that much thermal material should be enough.

    I'd echo Grimmy and say that the HSF is the most likely culprit, its very easy to get it fitted badly (I've had a few people on here swear blind that they have fitted it ok, and keep pushing for another cause, only to come back eventually and say that it was fitted badly.)

    With the mobo out of the case, you could try and release a pin and then re-secure it, and do this for all pins one at a time. The mobo will probably warp a little (this is normal).
  4. Simliar to this?

    It basically should work, but if you reinstall it, your better off just cleaning off with rubbing alcohol, and using new thermal grease of your choice by its directions.

    With idle temps of 50C, I'm still convinced at least one of the pins are not secure. I've read enough post that are the same, and the user finally got it on correctly, or they replaced the HSF with a 3rd party one.
  5. Id have to agree, the HSF is not quite seated correctly.
  6. what temp monitoring tool do u use?
  7. What case do you have, and how good is your ventilation? You have a hot processor, and two hot vga cards. Tkle the sides of the case, and direct a housefan at the innards to assure good airflow. If temps go to normal, you have a case/ventilation problem. If it does not help, then revisit the heatsink installation as others have suggested. I assume that the cpu fan does spin and increase speed as the heat goes up.
  8. grimmy: Yes it looks exactly like that, though a little rubbed off my fingers but not much when I was installing it.

    thepinkpanther: I'm using simply the mobo's temp sensor and it works fine I think. I ran TF2 and while it's loading I was monitoring the change in temperature and it rose sharply.

    geofelt: I'm using just a cheap black case, but I have the 2 covers off, and a small window like 30 cm away from it open. (It's about 1 Degrees Celcius outside). Also there's a chassis fan on at the back. The airflow of the fan is outwards. And yes the cpu fan does spin and increase speed as heat goes up. :)

    Thanks for all the comments, and I did give the reinstallation of the heatsink another go, I even took out the mobo to see if they were connected at the bottom. Result? They are ~_~. Q_Q
  9. Get an aftermark cooler!
  10. I second Grimmy and geofelt
  11. Agree with Daves255, get an aftermarket cooler. I have a Rosewill cooler which leaves me Q6600 running at 3.4 with 1.375v 39-41C idle, under 60C full load stress testing. Use with Arctic Silver 5 and you should be golden.
  12. 1 degree celsius outside? do you mean the case or house? it should definitely not be at those temps if ambient is 1 degree. HS probs
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