Antec 900 case on sale for $59

The Antec 900 case (usually $139)seems to get recommended quite often on this message board. This week, it is on sale at for $79, but the newegg email newsletter has a promocode that will take an extra $20 off making it $59. If you do not get the newsletter you can sign up HERE.

Another item that I see recommended here quite often is the PC Power and Cooling Silencer, which is normally $199, is also on sale at newegg for $119.

Lastly, another commonly recommended item in this forum, the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L motherboard, is on sale at for $79.

sorry, no leads on CPUs, graphics cards or RAM today
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  1. thanks :)
  2. Thanks for the links Ham, but the PCP&C is not really on sale at NewEgg.

    It's permanently listed at about that discount.
    You can buy it directly from PCP&C Website for $119 365 days a year.
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