Anyone ever feel like this when playing with RAM timings and settings?

Gods, its quite boring, so many re starts!

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  1. is that a porcupine?
  2. It's a hedge hog!! Isn't it cute?

  3. Bump because I am board!
  4. is that a hedge dog?damm!i thought thats a mouse with tooth pick poke into it!lol
  5. I do.. in fact, I searched for timings because I wanted to make sure others found it as frustrating as I find it now..

    So many timings and a voltage to change.. so many reboots.. and that's restricting myself to the Standard timings (on my GA-P35-DS3R) and not the Advanced ones..
  6. Luckily, I posted this a while ago, and am a little better at messing with timings! Memset comes in handy! Make a change in windows. It bombs or it doesn't, hehe!

    Makes things very easy to see if they work!


  7. lol i just dont understand most of the terms used in ram timings... i went in cpu z and wrote down the names of the timings and the numbers cpu z said i should use... went into the bios of my crappy board and it had a bunch of words similar to the ones on the paper with lots of trad# tras lots of t's and #'s basically...just left it to when i get a new system with a nice board. lol...
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