Does anyone know when the nvidia 9800 is comming out?

Does anyone know when the nvidia 9800 is comming out?

Thank you
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  1. MAYBE February (mid)..... At this point there are many many rumors yet nothing really concrete! It's kinda fun cause everyone can believe what they WANT to believe in, and nobody can really disprove em =D

    So what do I believe?

    I BELIEVE--- WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!! That's right..... There are many visitors here each day, so there is now way can we be alone.....

    Oh.... And I also believe that yes we'll see a new high-end in Feb, but it might just be the 2XG92 (2 8800GTS cards) badly labeled as the 9800 something =\
  2. I am hearing a lot of buzz about a february launch also. Nothing concrete yet though.

    Edit * I just read the above reply DEJA-VU LOL
  3. Is there talks of a dual gpu Nvidia card coming out?Anyone have a link to info on that,if there is such a card in the works?
  4. yes kelly there has been talks. I am too lazy to dig up links for ya though =\

    Xbit labs is a good start for ya though.
  5. Not soon enough; how am I supposed to play Crysis?
  6. Easy! You turn everything down to lowest, then finally get 60FPS.

    OH! by the way people---- I may have found a way to get the 9800 card now... Just say BettleJuice 3 times and this disgusting drunk old guy shows up at your house with a 9800GTX, but you are kinda his slave for the next few months (only downside to this) =\

    Anyone know of an easier way to get a 9800 early besides waiting or selling your soul?
    I mean, there must be a way to sign up to be a beta tester for graphics cards or something? =D
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